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The Return

Derek talks into the camera, introducing Stu as "the first documented victim of a harbinger." Stu wakes up and apologizes groggily. Lan is filming with the special camera, and calls Derek over. The copy of The Harbingers sitting on Stu's chest is glowing. Derek figures out that the book saved Stu. Chloe says that in the book, the town is a "psychic nexus" that allows the harbingers to spring forth. Derek explains that the book stops the harbingers. Lan thinks people would have to read the book, but Chloe explains that it's like the Bible or Koran -- the book alone has power. Derek realizes that is why Ashcroft was passing them out, but when Ashcroft died, everyone threw out their copies. Chloe realizes that Adam was really trying to help Ashcroft get the book back in print. Lan and Derek figure out that they were going to publish it...on the web! On the web! That is crazy! Who publishes writing on the web? Only crazy people. Derek figures out that the server must be in Ashcroft's office.

Tamara voice-overs that she'll stay with Stu. A bunch of random people appear to be gathering outside. Jason storms into the room and packs up his things, including his father's offer letter. The drapes blow, as Jason begins battling some invisible creature, presumably a harbinger. Ew! You can see a hand underneath the skin on Jason's skull! Cool! I mean, gross!

Derek and Chloe look for the server in Ashcroft's office. Lan and Tamara note the people gathering outside. Tamara says they "need a bigger book." Ha! Jaws reference! She walks out, and we see the door swinging back and forth. Derek and Chloe find the server in a closet. Chloe leaves to get Lan, but when Derek follows her, she has disappeared. He sets down the server, and walks out of the room, where he finds Chloe lying on the floor in the hallway. Just then, Jason attacks him with an axe! Lan hears the struggle, and tells Tamara to stay with Stu, and not to let go of the book.

Jason and Derek fight. Jason starts attacking the server with an axe. Chloe and Lan run in. Derek tells them to take the server and get it online. They carry it out as Derek and Jason fight some more. The girls get the server set up. The group gathered across the street starts approaching the house. Jason chokes Derek. Cuts between shots of Lan setting up the server, the crowd clamoring outside, and Jason choking Derek. Lan dials up and starts transferring the book. Never you mind that it would take a really long time to transmit an entire book over a dialup line. Tamara films using Adam's special camera and the server starts glowing white like the book did. The crowd outside stops clamoring. Derek sees the harbinger leave Jason's head, and they both collapse on the floor. Chloe and Lan giggle. The crowd outside (which includes Lan's psychic waiter friend from earlier) disperses. Jason and Derek breathe heavily.

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