Subject: Three Thirteen

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Friday the Thirteenth

Jason and Lan discuss Daphne and Hubby. Jason feels that they are "one can short of a six-pack." Like, ha ha. Not. They're going to have to work a little harder to convince me that Jason is the funny sidekick. On second thought, don't bother. Jason wonders how people find them, since they don't put their address on the website. Dude, it's called "WHOIS." It's not that hard. Get a P.O. Box or something. Derek is talking to Daphne and Hubby sitting at some outdoor patio, still wearing his robe. Derek asks if they found out about him from "Buddy," a surfer who travels a lot, and apparently Derek is house-sitting for him. He is? Who is Buddy? What? Daphne says they found him through the website, and she felt like she knew him or something about the house. Hubby gets right to the point -- can Derek help them? Derek says he's "not a ghost buster." Well, duh. If he were, this would be a much better show. All they do is document stuff. Hubby says they must have connections. Daphne gets Derek's name wrong, and says that she's really scared, and Ted (a.k.a. Hubby) believes in Derek. Basically, she says that Derek has to help them because they have a baby on the way. If they really thought she was possessed by a demon, wouldn't they go to a priest?

Cut to Jason-cam documenting Daphne and Ted's house. Derek keeps looking into the camera and cracking up. You know, the writers have to decide whether these guys truly believe everything they see, or are complete skeptics. Last week, I couldn't believe they weren't more skeptical. And this week, it seems weird that they doubt this couple's story. So, which is it? Daphne tells Derek that she hums sometimes and doesn't know that she's doing it. Jason whispers to Derek that they should leave. Daphne shows off an entire closet of CDs that she ordered online, all classical, which she never listened to before. Jason says, "The demon makes you shop or something?" Like we get it, Jason doesn't believe them. Derek asks if they have ever thought about returning the CDs, but Ted says that when he tried, Daphne stabbed him with a steak knife. Dude! Daphne claims she doesn't remember doing it. The tour continues, stopping off in the baby's room. Daphne and Ted banter over whether it will be a boy or a girl. Jason is caught up in the pictures on the walls, as Daphne starts to hum. Jason focuses on some blocks, which have completely rearranged themselves since they walked into the room, but none of the four people standing there seem to have noticed. Ted tells Daphne to stop humming, and she looks chagrined. Ted takes them out of the nursery, but Daphne stays.

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