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Friday the Thirteenth

A younger and not pregnant Daphne is driving a truck down the street and rocking out to a song by Econoline Crush. Quick side note -- my friends' band opened for them when they played here, and the guitar player is the scariest and funniest looking thing I have ever seen. And the lead singer was channeling Sebastian Bach. That is all. Okay, so Daphne is singing, and she sees a girl standing by the road hitchhiking. Hey, it's Delaney Park. What a coincidence! Daphne pulls over, and Delaney runs up the truck. Cut to present day, and we see that Daphne has been hypnotized by Chloe, and is revealing this information to the gang as we see it. Apparently, hypnotism is a standard psychology technique these days. Who knew? Daphne reveals that she doesn't normally pick up hitchhikers, but she's mad at Ted and wants someone to talk to. In flashback, Delaney tells Daphne she wants to leave town with her boyfriend, but he won't go. Daphne asks if she wants to "relax and kill some brain cells" and says that "the lighter is in the glove compartment." Delaney says she can't, and Daphne's all, "What are you, pregnant or something?" Yeah, because unless you're pregnant, there aren't any reasons why you wouldn't want to smoke pot. That was a pretty flimsy plot device, there. Delaney is, of course, pregnant, and she's supposed to "take care of it." Daphne asks how she feels about it, and Delaney thinks she should have the baby. They discuss men for a while and laugh.

Daphne drops Delaney off at her house and tells her to call if she needs anything. Delaney, who really is a very pleasant person, thanks her for the ride. Why can't Delaney be a character on the show? Well, I guess she kind of is, this week. Daphne pulls away; like hasn't she ever heard of waiting to make sure the person gets into the house safely? Daphne sees in her rearview mirror that Delaney is joined on the street by another person, Max. Back at her house, Daphne cries, and Chloe reassures her. Ted asks why this is happening to Daphne, and Derek says they "made a bond," and Delaney is "calling long distance" and "the messages are getting garbled." Chloe points out that Delaney's "getting better at it -- she gave us her name." Suddenly, Daphne goes into a seizure, and oil starts coming out of her mouth, and she yells, "Stop her, she's killing me." She? Delaney? Or...someone else? Hmm.

Daphne is at the hospital, being rushed down a hallway on a gurney. Ted is worried. Daphne is unresponsive.

The clock reads 2:25. Ted comes out and tells the Freakylinks gang (minus Lan, who has hardly been in this episode at all) that the doctors want to save the baby, because they don't think Daphne has a chance. A nurse comes out and tells Ted he needs to sign some consent forms. Ethan Embry looks like a sad deer caught in the headlights. Derek tells the others that Delaney is close, and they need to find her. A commercial for a gas station comes on the television, and it has a familiar jingle -- it's the song that Daphne was playing on the piano earlier. The gang starts looking in a phone book for the nearest location, and Jason and Chloe know there is one not listed in the book, but can't remember the name. Derek remembers Claudia, the street musician, telling them that Max worked at a place on Cooper Road, and Chloe and Jason say that's the place.

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