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Friday the Thirteenth

Derek and Jason rush off to the store, which was leveled by a hurricane about six months ago. Cut back to Daphne flailing about and screaming her fool head off in the operating room. Okay, wouldn't they sedate her, and put restraints on her? Also, the operating room has the spooky "lit from beneath" effect, as if surgeons don't really require good light. Back at the convenience store, Derek and Jason sift through the rubble. Finally, Jason finds a lid, and he and Derek lift it up. There are a series of rungs going down into some sort of tunnel. Derek is going down there to see what's up. He's braver than me! As Derek descends, one of the rungs breaks off and he falls down into the tunnel. Oh, I'm so scared! Not.

Jason yells down to confirm that Derek is okay, and Derek says he is. Jason tells Derek that he's in "a sludge pit" and throws down his flashlight for Derek. Shining it around, Derek sees "scratch marks" near the opening, and concludes that someone was trying to get out. It's nice that they borrowed a page from Silence of the Lambs and all, but why would there be scratch marks? It's more likely that there would be dents in the bottom of the lid from someone trying to pop it off from the inside. I guess scratch marks were more dramatic. Jason sends the camera down into the pit as well. Derek shines his flashlight around as he walks towards one end of the pit. His flashlight falls on the desiccated corpse of one Ms. Delaney Park. Ethan Embry looks like a deer caught in the headlights. I should program that into like F7 or something. Sitting on the body is the teddy bear that Daphne dropped into the ooze in the crib early on in the episode.

The coroner removes the body, as Derek and Jason sit there and look sad. Cut to Mrs. Park, standing in the doorway of her house, crying. Cut to Chloe, watching the proceedings on television while sitting in the hospital waiting room. Max D'Angelo is being led away in cuffs. Jason and Derek enter the waiting room, and Derek and Chloe share a loooong hug. Interesting. Chloe reports that Daphne still is not doing well, and they don't know what's wrong. Jason asks about the baby, and Chloe reports that it's fine, and it was born at 3:13 AM. Jason doesn't understand why Daphne isn't getting better, since they did everything they were supposed to do. Chloe wonders if maybe they were just too late. Derek tells Chloe that Delaney had been alive when she was put into the pit. What was that about? Why did he tell her that?

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