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Friday the Thirteenth

Derek is all gussied up as he rings Mrs. Park's doorbell. Mrs. Park gives him a big hug and thanks him. Derek brought a tape of Daphne playing piano, since Mrs. Park said that she missed Delaney's music. Mrs. Park invites Derek in and takes him up to Delaney's room. Derek looks at the many trophies on a shelf. He asks about one, and Mrs. Park tells him it was for a regional competition. Derek looks closer and sees that the date on the trophy is March 13th. Get it, 3/13? Also, the corner of the trophy is a little battered. Suddenly, Derek has a vision of Delaney standing there, saying, "Stop her." Okay, that scared me a little bit. He remembers Daphne saying, "She's killing me!" and sees Delaney fall to the floor, with the bloodied trophy next to her. He looks at Mrs. Park like, well, a deer caught in the headlights, and says, "It wasn't Max. You did it." Derek continues, for the subtlety impaired, "You killed your own daughter." Mrs. Park says that Delaney didn't want to use her talent, and she didn't care about her music. Derek informs her that Delaney was alive when she was placed underground, and that she tried to get out. Mrs. Park screams and cries.

Cue montage of photographs of Mrs. Park and Delaney. Derek leads Mrs. Park down the stairs. Mrs. Park asks how he knew, and Derek says he "made a connection." Mrs. Park has a vision of Delaney playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." This somehow inspires her to jump from the second floor to the marble floor below. Derek yells, "No!" way too late. Our last shot of Mrs. Park is of her face and then blood spreading out from under it. Yummy.

Ted and Daphne are featured in a video where they explain that Daphne and her baby are both doing fine, and they thank Derek. The whole Freakylinks gang is watching the video on a monitor. Derek switches to Delaney's Missing Persons Registry page. Derek says he can't post this on the website, because it's...Chloe fills in, "Too personal." Derek says that Delaney deserves some privacy now. Lan offers to buy everyone pizza and beer, and all leave ahead of Derek. He says goodbye to Delaney and then leaves. Hijinks ensue outside.

Next week: Derek and the Freakylinks gang head to New York City to investigate alligators in the sewers. If the show doesn't get cancelled by next week, that is.

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