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Savaii. Night 14, right after Tribal Council. Ozzy is disillusioned after Elyse's blindside, since he thought he was tight with Keith and Whitney, and then they went and voted without telling him. He should be grateful that they didn't blindside HIM, right? Because that would make it two times he was voted out with an unused Immunity Idol in his pocket. Instead, because he's Ozzy and he thinks that the world revolves around him, he announces, "I'm done playing the alliance way, and I'm now what's called a free agent. I'm playing for myself, and you guys can play for yourselves." Isn't that what the whole game is basically? I mean, a tribe doesn't win the title. An individual wins the title. They should all be playing for themselves, though sometimes it helps to form temporary alliances. Ozzy's acting all butt-hurt (and I hate that term, but it perfectly describes how he's acting) and pretending it's because he feels betrayed, but it's really because he's realizing that he doesn't pull all of the strings.

Whitney tells Ozzy that it wasn't personal, but Ozzy claims that it was personal. No, if it were personal, they would have voted Ozzy out because they didn't like him personally, or they thought he was a threat as a person. Dawn calls bullshit (Dawn!) and says that Ozzy is withholding information too, and Ozzy busts out with, "I've got the Idol. How about that?" What? He's an idiot. The best part is that no one really reacts that strongly, and then Ozzy "reminds" them that Redemption Island exists. Keith is like, "Well, if you want to go there, let us know." Awesome. I am loving Savaii right now.

The next morning, Ozzy is out fishing. He pauses long enough to tell the camera that his tribe needs to trust him, because he's a provider (of tiny fish) and he leads by example. And his example is throwing temper tantrums. So if any of the members of Savaii need to be shown how to throw temper tantrums, they are in luck.

Meanwhile, while Ozzy is off fishing and sunning himself, the rest of Savaii is talking about what an asshole he is. No, they seriously are. Jim interviews that Ozzy is being a child and has made some bad game play moves in the last twelve hours, between declaring himself a free agent, revealing he has the Idol, and acting like a baby. Cochran interviews that he's fine with Ozzy acting the fool, because it's better for Cochran himself. And then Cochran tells everyone that Ozzy is "acting like a stupid bitch." Ha ha! See, he's acting all emotional like ladies do! I'm surprised Cochran didn't ask if Ozzy has his period. Like ladies do! And they get bitchy! Fuck off, Cochran.

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