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The Great and Noble Men of Dillon Panther Football

Curtis Mayfield's "Only You Babe" keeps playing as we move over to Buddy Garrity's car dealership where Lyla, shot from behind, walks out of the office, and gets in one of his cars. She revs it into reverse, smashing it into another car, then revs forward and back again, smashing some shit up, until she finally accelerates right into the glass walls of the dealership. She looks a bit shaken, gets out of the car, and walks off. That was hot, was what that just was.

Sunrise. Football field. Smash and Matt lie asleep, Matt's hand gently placed on Smash's stomach. Tim and Jason sit up, Tim still drinking. Tim says, "That is so Brokeback, man," and then he and Jason laugh. Tim glances at Jason and asks, "Friends?" Jason says, "Yeah, always." Then Jason sort of snarks, "Texas forever," but Tim repeats it sincerely, "Texas forever, man." Cut to Tim driving up into his driveway. Neighbor Lady sits on a conveniently-placed bench waiting for him. He asks where her son is, and he is -- obviously, since it is just past sunrise -- at piano practice. But let us not dwell too long on the nonsensical nature of any of this because MAKE-OUT ALERT! She grabs his hand, and we cut inside her house to her telling him no one can know, as they make out and do the "walk backwards to the bedroom" TV make-out move. If you look closely, Judi Dench is in the background, peering inside the window and composing wry remarks for her simultaneously perceptive and totally misguided personal journal.

At the Taylors, Coach is outside on the phone while Tami and Julie watch him through the sliding glass door. He comes back in and Tami asks what he told TMU. He says he told them that he needs more time to decide. "My family needs more time," and then he grabs Julie's head and hugs it. Which is not as weird as I just made it sound.

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Friday Night Lights




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