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The Great and Noble Men of Dillon Panther Football

Jason's face softens, he isn't up for the fight, and he just sort of confesses, "I really needed this." Herc leans in close and tells Jason that they all of them "need" the validation of getting on the team and playing, but "it's the championships, not therapy."

Move on over to another corner of the bar, where Jason and Tattoo Girl have a long and exposition-heavy conversation about how Herc was a jerk and how she'll give Jason a ride back up to Dillon 'cause she's got a refrigerator in her trunk needs delivering. I believe someone picked that line up off the floor of The Forty Year-Old Virgin set.

At the Playgirl Ranch, Tim peels himself off a drooly couch to answer the spastic knocking at his door. He finds Neighbor Lady (GIVE HER A NAME PLEASE) at his door, rapidly scolding him for cleaning out her gutters and then just as rapidly shifting gears and asking if he can pick Bo up at school that afternoon. She stresses that Tim needs to be on time, "because Bo has trust issues," and offers to pay, but Tim -- molasses to her Pop Rocks -- slowly shakes his head and grins that he's not a babysitter.

At school, Tyra asks Tami if she's kidding. Apparently the latter has proposed that the former actually do some school work. Tami has put together what she calls a "very aggressive" schedule for Tyra, explaining "that's the way we do." How we do. We family. Tyra reminds Tami that she has a job, and Tami tells her she will help the girl manage her time. Tami's plan is for Tyra to turn her grades around, get into a junior college, "kick ass there," and then transfer to a four-year college. Tyra isn't so confident, though, and she tells Tami that her expectations are "unrealistic," as the women in the Collette family have a tendency to barely get through high school. Tyra asks, rhetorically, if anyone could believe that she'll be any different from them. Tami answers: "I do. And I think you should, too." Stand and deliver (fantastic hair), woman!

Smash and Waverly sit outside his house and watch the kids play football in the yard. Waverly is in mid-explanation that she "basically" has been diagnosed as bi-polar. That's all well and good, but I do not hear an explanation for why she is wearing a terrifying cowl neck in this scene. I believe Nina Garcia will require an accounting of that sooner or later. Smash awkwardly brings up "when [she] was in Africa" so that she can spell it out to us that she never was in Africa. She was doing an out-patient thing near her aunt's in Dallas. She continues explaining, saying that she gets extreme mood swings and that the swings can even lead to thoughts of suicide. Smash looks at her blankly, and she tells him that he looks terrified. He demurs and says he just needs time to digest.

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Friday Night Lights




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