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The Great and Noble Men of Dillon Panther Football

Tami leaves those fools and goes to answer a knock at the door. She greets Tyra, who just got there for her tutoring lesson. Coach and Julie know that the decree has been decreed.

Tim is teaching little Sandy Duncan how to box. Eureka! I think I discovered why I now find little Sandy Duncan so endearing. (And it certainly isn't because she elbowed Valerie Harper off her own damn show, The Hogan Family, my ass.) It's because she was in The Million Dollar Duck, which happened to be on television during the first big fight I ever had with the man I'm now married to, and we were fighting and fighting but then one of us looked up and saw this crazy chase scene on the screen where a duck was being chased around a pool by a puppy (or was it the other way around?) and we dissolved into laughter and then, fight over, settled in to watch this demented family movie because, though we didn't know it about one another at the time, we both will in fact watch anything.

So, Little Sandy Duncan is punching at Tim's open hands. Tim advises Little Sandy Duncan that on the schoolyard anything goes: "That means groin kicks, eye gouges, anything it takes." Meanwhile Bo's mom pulls up and gets a glimpse of the heartwarming vignette of Tim kneeling and instructing her Little Sandy Duncan. She smiles, but when Bo starts punching Tim's hands again her smile fades. She gets out and asks what they are doing, and Little Sandy Duncan says, "Tim Riggins is teaching me how to kick some serious ass." She laughs and sends him in to get her a soda "with one of those delicious limes you put in it." How old is this kid? That line is like something you say to a six-year-old, right? ["I don't recall ever having expected a six-year-old to garnish my drinks, but I'm told things are different in the South." -- Sars]

She turns to Tim and demands to know what he's doing. She tells Tim that she's a pacifist and doesn't want Tim teaching Little Sandy Duncan to fight. Tim tells her what he found when he picked Bo up at school. She sucks in her breath and wonders where the school monitor was. Tim admits he might've been a little late, and she gets exasperated. Tim tells her that, in any case, she can't always be there to protect him, so the kid needs to know how to defend himself. She thinks that if she teaches her son to ignore the bully, the bully will go away. Tim gives her a schoolyard lesson and says that ignoring the bully will just get your ass kicked more. She wonders if Tim was harassed in school. Tim chokes back a laugh and says, "No. I was the bully." This is a really charming conversation. No, really!

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Friday Night Lights




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