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At Casa Taylor, Tami's in the kitchen chattering on about chocolate-covered blackberries or some such to Julie when Taylor comes in all dressed and still flushed from the previous night's victory. "Hey, you know what I like about me?" he says. "That you're married to someone as fantastic as me?" Tami guesses. Got it in one. He macks on her at the coffee machine, suggesting dinner, movie, and some bow-chicka-bow that evening. "Inappropriate!" Julie protests. "Eating breakfast!" Coach heads right out to some meeting or other, because he doesn't even get Saturdays off, I guess. Tami calls after him, "Tell Buddy Garrity... he can shove it."

Matt wakes up and hauls himself out of bed. He's got some nasty scrapes and bruises on his left side and elbow, presumably from that last block he threw during last night's game. He examines them, and smiles like they're badges of pride. And rightly so.

Panthers radio is chattering away, congratulating Taylor on his glorious victory as we see him at the gas station, filling up and cleaning his windows and accepting the handshakes and hugs of all who approach. When he arrives at school, he's got a gauntlet of grateful Panther fans to run on his way into the school. He thanks them all humbly, never letting it show that he knows damn well how fast all these people will turn on him if he loses six days from now.

Using the heels of his hands, Jason wheels himself down the hall of the hospital to the weight room, where he wrangles a one-pound dumbbell into his right hand and commences curls. It looked like just getting to that point was a more demanding workout than the actual reps. Herc should start moving the weights all over the hospital, and Jason will be back in shape in no time.

Taylor is in the office, pouring himself a cup of coffee, when he notices Buddy Garrity out in the locker room, talking to a couple of official-looking guys in dark suits and pointing at the coach. We can't hear what's being said, but both we and Taylor know it's not good as he slaps the carafe back into its place on the machine. From the locker-room point of view, the shot is framed so we can see through two doorways. In the one on the left, Taylor's all alone, and in the one on the right, a crowd of booster types is milling about in another room. Taylor strides out to meet Garrity and the two men, whom Garrity introduces as being from the district executive committee, whatever that is. Does everybody work on Saturdays? One of the officials tells Taylor, "Some questions have arisen regarding Ray Tatum's eligibility." Buddy stands there looking nervous, and then before anybody can say anything, he takes the asshole route and huffs, "Well, I thought we had this all squared away, Coach." Like it's Taylor's fault. "I thought we did, too," Taylor agrees, pissed but not wanting to fight in front of company. The officials inform Taylor and Garrity that there's going to be an investigation. "If he is deemed ineligible," he says, "Ray Tatum will not be playing football here any more. And you'll be stripped of last night's victory." Taylor would clearly very much like to explode, but he just grits his teeth, shakes hands with the two men, and tightly wishes them a good day. "Buddy, I'll talk to you later," he seethes, and heads back into the room full of supporters. Oblivious to what Taylor just learned, they applaud his arrival raucously. With one last threatening glare at Buddy, Taylor slams the door behind him. Aw, looks like maybe someone got a little attached to Voodoo after all.

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