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At next morning's practice, Taylor comes out on the field to see Voodoo getting quite a workout, while Matt waits on the sidelines. Taylor comes up to the assistant coach, Bud, and asks why Saracen isn't rotating in. Bud says he thought they said they were starting Voodoo, and Taylor corrects him: "I think you said that, and I said, 'Thanks for your opinion.'" As for Matt himself, who has been quietly tuned into this conversation since it started, Taylor sends him in. And then he orders Bud to keep Matt in the rotation until he says otherwise. "Yes sir," Bud says to Taylor's departing figure. Wow, that job really does look easy. I think we saw about ten seconds of actual, on-the-field coaching. Voodoo, meanwhile, glares. Probably because the football field has no doors he can slam.

At Applebee's, Connor pulls his rental car into the product-placed Carside to Go spot, just in time to catch Tyra coming out of the restaurant in her civvies. "There is more than one restaurant in this town, you know," she says. Yes, but how many of them have waitresses whose schedule he's already memorized? He says he stopped by to give her a little gift: a CD, which he hands over, saying, "You remind me of him." Tyra looks at the cover and asks, "I remind you of an old, wrinkled black man wearing a weird hat?" Pretty much, Connor says. She thanks him, and starts to head off, but he invites her for a ride. Rather forward of him, really. He explains that he works for an investment bank, and he's here to check out the oil fields to see if they're worth reopening, and does she want to come along? Oh, okay, so he's actually inviting her on a ride in the car. I get it now. "I'm not going to sleep with you," she warns him. He gets all flustered, saying he just likes her company. Yeah, he totally expects to sleep with her. In which case he'd better move his car pronto, because I bet the Applebee's staff hates that.

After practice, Matt runs into Julie, and asks if she's coming to the game on Friday. She says she pretty much has to, what with her dad being the coach and all. She asks if Matt thinks he's going to start, and he launches into this rambling monologue, like he's being interviewed by a sports reporter. Julie calls him on it, saying, "You need to chill out. I'm not ESPN." Fair enough, but Matt's delivery was more public-access if you ask me. She smiles her goodbyes and leaves him standing there, quietly telling himself, "You're so stupid." Hey, man, some chicks dig that. Not Julie, probably, but some.

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