Friday Night Lights
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In an alley in Not Chicago, Matt helps Julie get her luggage in the car. She gives him a hug and a sigh, while the dulcetly morose tones of The National play. Meanwhile, behind Matt, there are like 3 CHICAGO!!!! posters on the brick building walls. Because it's true, when you are in Chicago there are lots of posters advertising the city to itself. Julie pulls her car away, just slowly enough to elicit the thing we all have to admit we want: for Matt to run after her and ask her to stop. GOD how many times in my life did I wish that would happen to me. And I will let you pause and create a montage of me walking away from various locales very slowly and deliberately and, dare I say, sexily, WISHING TO GOD that the boy would run after me for one last kiss, while behind me, the boy is like already on his phone talking to someone else, or fully immersed in that game of pool, or picking his wedgie or whatever. Sigh. So Matt runs after her, and she stops the car and gets out and they start kissing. And a CHICAGO!! Tribune truck pulls up behind and honks to put the situation a little under duress, and she whispers "I love you" and he whispers "I love you" and they kiss more and Matt tells her that they'll figure this all out and puts her back in the car and she drives off and then the truck takes a left behind it didn't even need to get past them! It was just like me in the driver's seat being all "OoOooh! Matt and Julie! Honk! Honk!!" We end with a shot of Matt in the Not Chicago alley, alley smoke blowing around him the way alley smoke always does.

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