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Credits. Epyck slumps into Tami's office. Tami greets her brightly. Epyck tells her that she has a test coming up on Friday in Texas History and she needs a B- to pass the class. Tami tells her that they'll just have to hope for that B-. Epyck start unpacking her valise full of excuses-- if she fails the class she'll have to repeat the 10th grade (Tami: "That's not true"), she can't work on it in the after school tutoring program because Laurel hates her (Tami: "No, she doesn't") -- until Tami finally asks her what she obviously hoped Epyck would get to on her own: "Would you like me to help you?" It's obviously difficult for her, but Epyck finally says that she needs help and Tami tells her she'll be happy to help her.

Becky and other rally girls work on posting up "Senior Week" signs all around the bleachers. Luke talks about how this isn't a big deal, it's just for moms and dads, but Becky tries to tell him that Senior Week IS a big deal, it'll be the last time SHE sees him in his cute little Lions uniform. As they smooch it up, she tells him that she wants to take him out after the game but he ruins the moment by telling her that his mom and dad are really into this whole thing and want to take him out after the game. Left unsaid is that Becky is not welcome, what with her ruined lady parts and all. Becky tells him that she understands and he tells her she's the best and then leaves and we watch Becky's face go round and round a bit, obviously not okay with being the ruined woman on the side.

Football practice. Coach tells his players as they kneel that last week was a complete breakdown of everything they believe in. But that in his gut, there's only one thing standing between the Lions and the playoffs and it isn't their opponents: it's themselves. He tells them he will not allow them to undo themselves, that they've spilled too much sweat and blood on the field. And then? He nonchalantly instructs Vince to let Luke wear the red QB jersey in practice today. Luke and Vince are stunned. Billy comes up and literally strips the red jersey off of Vince and hands it to Luke. Vince goes running after Coach to protest, but Coach won't have it. He tells the kid that the field is not the place for questions and that if he has questions, he can come to Coach's office and ask him then.

Backstage at The Landing Strip, Becky wonders where the back is to a little polyester lace number when Mindy comes in and sinks into a chair, saying she feels so sick and just wants to go home and get into bed. Oh, poor Mindy, whatever will she do? There's certainly not a certain nubile someone just hanging out in the back not doing anything, is there? Oh, but she's underage. Oh, but Mindy is merely WAITING TABLES tonight! Not dancing! Becky is like "LEMME OUT THERE! My boyfriend's mother thinks I'm a dirty whore? I'll show her!" Mindy says no, but her Crack Team of Strippers convince her how safe and perfect a plan this is.

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