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Cut over to Not Chicago where Matt and Julie walk along this hilarious "urban" walkway. Julie is talking about how she always thought she was meant for college, but then when she got there she just felt lost. And then she comes to Chicago where everything makes sense and she feels like she belongs. Matt's face is kind of inscrutable here. He asks her whether all of this is "frustrating." Julie says that she just feels like he's moved on and has this whole life in Not Chicago and she just doesn't fit in HIS life anymore. The minute she says this, Matt moves swiftly over to her and kisses her. He pulls back and says he's been wanting to do this ever since she got there. Oh, so they've had a chaste weekend?! They go back to kissing and we make sure to get a shot of yet another map of Chicago pasted on another surface in the foreground.

Luke sits alone in the locker room watching game tape. Jess comes in and Luke ask-states, "He's not coming, is he?" She confirms as much and Luke jumps up and closes his binder. But Jess grabs the binder and tells him that this isn't about him, it's about her. She wants to win. Because? I mean, I just need a little more forward motion on this whole A Locker Room of One's Own plot. She starts rattling off plays at him and Luke stutters in response. She tells him to sit down, because they've got work to do.

Back in Not Chicago, Matt and Julie lie around in bed talking about how much they've missed one another. She pauses and then tells him that she has something to tell him and she wants him to promise not to freak out. Which is the same thing she told her mom, but let's not get those mother-daughter/daughter-in-bed-with-boyfriend worlds mixed up. She tells him about her affair with the married Head T.A. Derek Bishop and apparently Matt has been running with a fast crowd in Not Chicago, because he's not really reactive to this news. He tells her that it's fine, he's not her parents, they weren't together, she didn't cheat on him. "But, I hope this doesn't freak you out, but I don't know, I think that maybe you and I need to, uh....we need to go get breakfast." She laughs, he hops out of bed and heads into the bathroom where we catch him in yet ANOTHER inscrutable look reflected by the mirror. Matt Saracen, what are you thinking?! I wish I had a camera follow me around all day so that after every interaction I have with someone, I can step to the side and look off into the middle distance inscrutably. Though, let's be honest, 99% of those looks would come after me saying something to my dog, so maybe my Inscrutable Look Reel might be a bit laughable.

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