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Coach Taylor wanders into the crowded cafeteria looking for Vince. He just looms over him and nods his head, doesn't even have to say anything to get Vince standing up. They move a bit to the side and Coach tells him that he's benched on Friday. He reiterates that Vince has skipped practice and then neglected to show up to help Luke out on the plays. Vince complains that Coach is trying to ruin his future, and Coach tells him that if he keeps running his mouth, he'll be benched for two weeks. Vince answers with a "Sir" and a refusal to look Coach in the eye. "That's what I like to hear" Coach says.

Commercials. Tami washes up in the teacher's lounge when Laurel comes up and tells her that she thinks that Epyck stole $20 from her purse.

At The Playgirl Ranch, Becky and Mindy go back and forth about Becky waiting tables at The Landing Strip. Mindy wants her to wait tables at Red Lobster, but Becky points out that Red Lobster doesn't have men giving you $100 tips there. Yes, Becky, but Red Lobster DOES have Cheddar Biscuits, so....Mindy quickly changes the subject, saying that she doesn't want to talk about this topic anymore, gets up and tosses a plastic stick at Becky. "Don't worry, I washed it." Mindy is pregnant. Becky asks if they were planning this, and Mindy replies -- because she is obviously gunning HARD to be the best character of the season -- "Planning it as in Billy came home drunk like a whiny, horny eighth-grader, climbed on top of me and then passed out on top of me and smelled like nachos the whole time kind of planning it." Becky is excited to have another Stevie around. I am excited because mmmm, Nacho Baby! Mindy does not look so excited. Maybe she doesn't like jalapeƱos?

Tami, Epyck, and Laurel are in a room trying to get to the bottom of the $20 caper. Epyck insists she didn't take it, calls Laurel "lady" and Tami tells her to have some respect. Epyck wonders if it wasn't two other girls who were there, too, but Laurel insists that it wasn't. Laurel suggests that she just take a look in Epyck's bag and they get into a tussle over it, Epyck refusing to let go, Laurel trying to grab it. Which, honestly Laurel? Slightly unprofessional. You don't physically get into it with your students! So the tussle escalates a bit and the camera is a bit shaky, but basically Epyck's struggle over the purse ends up with her checking Tami into the plate glass window behind her. Tami's head hits the glass hard and everyone stops, shocked, as Tami moans with pain. Laurel sits Epyck down by the shoulders. Epyck apologizes, but everyone knows the white lady in power isn't going to get taken to task over this.

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