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Vince goes to see his mom at work to tell her that he got benched. They go over once again the whole thing where Ornette told Vince that nothing bad would come of his skipping practice. She pulls him aside and tells him how much his father loves him, how much he thinks he's a star, how much...Vince needs to maybe not take his advice all the time. She tells him to think for himself a little bit more. Moms work their magic in mysterious ways. Gentle-voiced, kind of passive, but she just communicated an effing life lesson to her son.

Back at school, the nurse checks Tami out for a concussion. Tami keeps insisting that she's fine, this is all ridiculous when Levi comes in with Eric. Laurel tells Eric that "this little psycho" pushed Tami across the room and Tami asks her to please stop. Some police officers come in and cuff Epyck and Tami starts to lose it, begging Levi to recognize that this was an accident. Also: that walkie talkie the principal is using? Doesn't that just take you back to high school? Epyck gets led down the hall as Tami pleads and pleads, all "For Lord's sake!" to no avail.

Commercials. Coach comes upon Jess in the locker room, hanging up uniforms and crying. He asks if she's okay and she says yes. He inches toward her and asks why she's crying. She apologizes -- and he tells her that she need not say she's sorry -- and then she tells him that she and Vince broke up. She tells him that she won't make a big deal about it, she was only crying because she thought no one was in here. He pauses and then asks her, "You know I've got two daughters, right?" and they look at each other, the girl a crying mess, and then he tells her to take all the time she needs. Dads! Dads! Dads! Damn it, you guys, seriously. I mean, dads, right?

Out on the field Hastings asks why he has no story line when he's got that fabulous hair and those incredible eyebrows. Naw, Hastings asks why Coach is benching Vince. Coach tells him it's because there are rules on the field, and unlike real life, "Nobody is above the rules." Practice starts and Luke is a mess. I wonder if we are going to get to see a boy rise above his own limitations later on?!

Julie and Matt sit around in his apartment having dinner and drinking wine like they are so fancy. (And really, how does he afford this lofty little studio?!) Julie prattles on about her day-- museum, planetarium, The Bean. Matt asks her what she's doing, and she takes this literally, "I'm telling you about my day." But Matt wants to know what she's doing there in Chicago. "Don't you have to go home at some point?" He wonders if her parents even know she's here. He tells her that everything has been great, she's amazing. "I just, I don't want to be your safety net." He tells her that it feels like she's only there because she's trying to avoid some stuff in her life. Julie is not taking any of this very well. Even though she obviously knows that what Matt is saying is true, she's allowing herself to believe that he's rejecting her, because that would actually be easier to deal with. She runs once again, grabbing her coat and saying she needs to go out for some air.

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