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(Heh. Coach's "shiny red button")

Luke trots over to the sidelines and begs Coach to put Vince in. Coach starts shouting at him "THAT HOW YOU WANT TO GO OUT OF THIS? THAT HOW YOU WANT TO GO OUT OF THIS?!" Luke's desire to not make a fool of himself is trumped by his desire to get Coach's hair to stand down and his eyes to quit flaring so. He stutters that he will stay in. Coach asks what play he wants to run and then asks if he can run the counter paths (?). Luke says he thinks he can and Coach, headed away from him, turns back "YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT IT YOU DO IT." I cannot wait to shout that at a kid someday. Vince watches Luke head back out to the field, clearly disappointed that he won't get his chance to come in and save the day.

Out on the field, Luke takes the snap and runs with it. He "moves the sticks" and then on the next snap, runs the same play and gains some more ground. Meanwhile, a very MTV rap-rock-y song plays in the background and I keep expecting The Miz to show up and make muscle man moves. Next snap, Luke throws...for a touchdown! Lions win! The fickle crowd cheers. The Lions are going to the playoffs. Coach's hair is like "I told you so" as he smiles and man hugs Crowley. Ornette comes out of the bleachers on his way to who-knows-what to Coach, but Vince intercepts him, begging him "Pop, Pop, Pop, no." And that just breaks my heart. This kid so happy to get his father back is getting led astray by that father's advice, and now has to put himself between his father and Coach, two grown-ass men who should know how to keep a kid out of their man games. Ornette is RILED up, but Vince keeps him at bay, turning around just in time to see Coach Taylor congratulate Luke, giving the respect and feedback that Vince so craves to someone else. And Vince has been acting like a fool, but I really feel for him here, because, damn, is he alone right now.

Luke's parents wait for him outside the locker room. He comes out...with Becky. He introduces them to her, putting his arm around her. His mother is speechless, because aren't mothers always the vengeful bitches? His father is more ready to roll with it because, well, let's be honest, he probably got some girl into trouble in the backseat of a van himself back in the day. Luke declares that they should make their dinner reservation for four and heads off toward the car. His parents follow, his mother worrying her abstinence beads (heh: "abstinence beads"): "He kissed her. Did you see that? He kissed her!"

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