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Don't You Forget About Glenn

Becky stands on her porch and cries as Deadbeat tries not to look too guilty for leaving her again. He can't quite pull it off. Becky hugs her mom, which is nice consolation after calling her the worst for three days. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins continues to be Santa Claus to Dillon's wayward souls. Sexy, sexy Santa Claus. He strides into the pet store like he owns the place and asks after a dog that a "disgruntled redhead" returned yesterday. The lady at the counter gives him a hard time about not returning the thing tomorrow and being responsible. "Are you gonna be a responsible person?" she asks him. "Yes, ma'am," says Tim.

Cafferty Ranch. With the fence fixed, it's time to go all Temple Grandin on them cows and round 'em up. Luke hops up and throws one leg over the fence into the cattle pen, but the gate swings open and pins his leg next to a fence post. Which would hurt enough, but then a couple of the cows get spooked, and they bump into the gate, smashing Luke's leg even harder into the fence. Ma and Pa Cafferty spring over to Luke and pulls him to the safe side of the fence, but his leg is pretty clearly hurting.

Elsewhere, Jess is getting in a morning shift at the BBQ joint when Landry strides in, all pleased as punch with himself because he broke up with his girlfriend. She's still kinda not talking to him, so he tries to sweet-talk her by asking for a delicious pulled pork sandwich and mentioning that things with him and Tyra are 100% over. He'd like to take Jess out on a date. She's super wary, so Landry makes the best case for himself: he's got a car, he's got a guitar, and he might end up writing her a song. Honestly, Landry's a spazz, but that's a pretty excellent pitch. Jess's huge smile seems to agree.

Finally, Tim Riggins drives home with his brand new dog, and if you're the kind of person who finds that flowy-haired, mealy-mouthed, just-outta-high-school chiseled sex gods manage to look even sexier while trying to hold a conversation with a dog, well, this is the scene for you. Tim re-christens the dog "Skeeter" (his old name, "Julian," is deemed boring). Tim pulls up to a field and lets Skeeter out, for fear that he'll skeet-skeet-skeet all over the seat-seat-seat. Ew, I am sorry for that. Anyway, Skeet runs around the field a bit, which gives Tim a chance to really survey the land. "It's pretty great," he says to himself, as the camera pans across the for-sale sign. And: seriously. Just think how many Airstream trailers he could fit on that land. Looks like Tim's got himself a taste for the American Dream now, y'all. And if I know this show, I know that he'll come heartbreakingly close to getting it before being crushed on life's windshield. But let's not burden Tim's mind with such thoughts. Just watch his hair flow in the breeze.

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