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Credits. Which still, four seasons in, give me chills.

East Dillon High. Julie is at the activities corkboard, attacking each and every signup sheet with the verve that only an agitated Taylor woman can. Landry happens by and wonders why she's doing such a thing, particularly signing up for the book club when it's Twilight month. Of course, Landry knows why. As he reminds Julie, Matt was also his best friend. Julie is not even close to wanting to talk about it, though, so she just chirps to Landry that she signed him up for Academic Smackdown as well. Landry, gettin' done to once again. (By the way, let's just get it out of our systems that Landry couldn't possibly attend football practice AND after-school quiz bowl practices; logistics are fun and all, but wouldn't you rather watch him try to corral Julie and answer trivia questions than practice his punting? Me too.)

Coach is haggling with someone on the phone over issues to do with him being cash-strapped when Luke shows up in street clothes. Coach wants to know why he was absent today, and Luke tells him about his dad keeping him home for fence-mending. Adorably, and in such a realistic observation, Luke is now arguing his dad's point, telling Coach they don't have the money to hire anyone to do it. Isn't that always the way? You argue with Dad at home, but out in the world you adopt his reasoning? Anyway, this is one of those times where Coach has to stand in for the harsh, unsympathetic world (as opposed to the other times when he's standing in for Your Dad), so he lays it down for Luke: no school, means no practice, means no game. He can fix his fence in the middle of the night for all he cares, but he will make it to school and to practice. Luke is too beaten down to even "yes, sir."

Hey, guess who's clogging up the drive-thru lane at the Whataburger, digging through the seat cushions for change? No, not the Riggins brothers. It's the Riggins brothers and Ole Sis. (Props to Drunken Bee for the "Ole Sis" nickname that still makes me laugh.) So Tim digs and makes excuses (if only some starry-eyed high school girl were working that window, he'd be home free), and Billy screams at the honking cars, when Mindy starts yelping. And not her usual "Damn it, Billy!" yelping. These are contractions. "You're seven months pregnant," Billy says, telling her she's not experiencing contractions. But she's sure experiencing something. So they abandon their triple meat-n-cheesers (which would have induced labor anyway, so six of one) and drive off to the hospital.

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