Friday Night Lights
In the Name of the Father

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Daddy Issues

East Dillon cafeteria, Jess and Vince talk about his father. Vince exposits that he treated his mother badly which is why she was so "messed up" for so long. Jess wonders if maybe people change and points out to Vince, "I mean, you changed," but he comes at the subject with that extreme morality of youth, shrugging and saying, "I didn't go to jail."

Buddy is on the phone outside his bar, with Pam! Remember his wife Pam? Who married Rice Dream? Well, she's having lots of trouble with his son, Buddy, Jr., who is apparently getting bad grades, staying out all night and all that. Buddy tells Pam that he's just going through a phase, but she counters with an After School Special dun-dun-dun declaration: "I think he's smoking marijuana." Buddy pauses and asks if she thinks or she knows. She shrieks that she just needs Buddy to come out there to California. Buddy gets pissed, saying that he's wanted to be a part of Buddy, Jr.'s life for years and she hasn't let him, and then on and on, circling the drain of depressing divorced people arguments. Buddy tells her that he'll figure something out.

Tami has Porn Mouth in her office where they engage in the most intense battle of passive aggressive smile-hating on each other. Tami asks her what she feels about the video, and Porn Mouth reminds her that she is a vacuous and nearly soulless product of the American entertainment industry. Tami tries another tack, telling her that she let this happen to herself, that she let those boys do that to her. Which, hmmmm. Finding the entire "girls need to stay sober to stay on constant guard from marauding boys" thing troubling. Porn Mouth tells Tami that it was a party and they were just having fun. Tami, with an ice-cold smile: "Doesn't look like you were having fun, looks like you were passed out cold." Porn Mouth, seeing that ice-cold smile, and raising Tami a cheery blizzard of disregard: "Have you ever been to a party?" Tami: "Sure have. I usually try to stay awake, it's a lot more fun that way." One eyeroll more from Porn Mouth and we're out.

Out on the football field, Coach has the players lugging huge tires around while he berates the boys about the video who everyone, including CHURCHMATES, have seen! Coach calls them to take a knee, and tells them that they can't act like thugs. He's not holding them to a higher standard, just holding them to "our" standard. Vince and Luke talk back, wondering why he's putting everything on them, like they were the only ones there. Coach calls them dumb and then doffs his sunglasses to really get serious: "Anyone who breaks our standard will be off the team, and that is a promise." I love that Coach takes his glasses off to make a promise, but I kind of wish he would also unleash the hair when he does so as well.

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