Friday Night Lights
In the Name of the Father

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Daddy Issues

Back at the East Dillon Cafeteria of Traumatic Tami Taylor Breakdowns, the alcohol counseling is over and Jess tells Tami that she's sorry for how everyone acted. Tami is appreciative, and Jess shakes her head about these damn slutty rally girls. But then she says that she can kind of understand them, "because everyone just wants to feel a part of the team" and Tami Taylor comes up with a "brilliant" idea. She asks Jess what she would think about becoming equipment manager for the football team. She can't guarantee it, but she knows Coach is looking for one. Jess brightens at the idea.

On the Football Field of Endless Practice, Coach has his players take a knee and tells them that some of them probably should be kicked off the team, even the state of Texas. He tells them that people are watching them, and so there are now new rules: "No more jerseys on game days, coats and ties" and also some community outreach. They all groan but then give him a hearty "Yes, sir" when he asks if they understand. Cut over to the parking lot of the grocery store where the team, all spiffed up in coats and ties-- including Hastings' thrift store get-up, and another super natty Malcolm X looking kid-- try to hand out fliers. Nobody wants one, and soon the players lose motivation, some of them peeling off to leave. Luke begs Vince to stand up and be a leader and make them stay, but Vince is fully in stomp mode, still, so he heads off, too.

Buddy and Coach talk things over at Buddy's bar. Buddy doesn't know what to do about Buddy smoking marijuana (probably, Buddy posits, given to him by "that hippy" Rice Dream). Buddy goes on and on about how Pam wanted the divorce, wanted to raise the kids, and all that just tore his heart. I guess he's forgetting the whole part about his own rampant infidelity spurring the whole divorce thing. Buddy complains and complains about Pam until Coach finally jumps in and says maybe this isn't about Buddy or about Pam, but about the son, who needs Buddy right now. "Nobody ever said being a father would be easy." Buddy finally shuts up and thinks things over.

Commercials. Coach and Tami's bedroom. Tami makes the bed, Gracie babbles, Coach is in the bathroom. Tami pitches Jess as equipment manager, saying that it's time to change things around that school, bring it out of the '50s, make good on all their talk about self-esteem. Coach is resistant, thinks girls in locker rooms is a bad idea, especially when the girl is the girlfriend of the quarterback. Tami punts the question to Gracie, asking her to ask her father to just think about it. Coach points at his little girl and says "Don't you dare" but the damage is done. Gracie, with a big smile, repeats, "Think about it, Daddy!"

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