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Crucifictorius show at The Broken Spoke. Which is truly an Austin-style weirdo rock show. Three people stand around watching Landry eat the microphone, and I suppose we are to deduce that his inarticulate screamo is somehow having to do with the Lord. They're pretty good, as far as Christian screamo goes. Tim walks in as they wrap up one song and slow claps a bit. Landry is happy to see him. Tim tells him, "That was some intense stuff, some intense stuff, man." He then tells Landry that he showed up to tell him that he got a B-minus. Perhaps not quite as nice as showing up selflessly, but whatevs. Landry is pleased, and Tim tells him that he appreciates his help. Tim apologizes that he missed the last bit of the set, but Landry assures him that there's another set coming up. He tells him to stand right up front and then shows Tim how he's supposed to head bang. Landry is wearing a Crucifictorius t-shirt, and I beg any fan out there with access to Photoshop and some iron-on transfers to get on that shit. The t-shirt is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Jason is lying on his side in bed when Lyla starts climbing in his window very, very loudly. Jason tells her, "You're incredibly stealthy. You could be like a glamorous jewel thief." So cute. This is the first episode where we got a hint of why these two like one another, other than the fact that they were the golden children of the town. Lyla tells Jason to shut up and then sits down next to him. One thing this girl does get is that the burden is on her to try to make their relationship work again. BTW, Jason has this heartbreakingly dorky poster of footballs on his wall, four footballs printed in a square, done in a sort of Andy Warhol style. Jason asks Lyla why she's there, and she shrugs that she just can't kick the habit. He lifts himself onto his elbows, and she tells him that she knows that she can't stop it if he wants to end things, but she just doesn't want things to end on the note they did the other night. She says she just wanted to be close to him, and he responds that he's trying. She tells him that she loves him; he says he knows.

Julie sits on the couch, really down in the mouth. Outside the sliding glass door, Matt sits and talks with Coach, Matt in a desolate lawn chair under a tree, Coach standing above him. Tami asks her daughter what she's doing, and she sadly says she just doesn't want Matt to have to go. Aw. Outside, Matt -- with his hoodie of teenage angst up -- talks to Coach about being forced to move to Oklahoma. Coach says that he will talk with Henry, but Matt doesn't think that will work. Coach tells Matt that Buddy Garrity would never let Matt cross the state line before the state championship. Matt says, "I hate him. I hate my dad." Coach won't stand for that talk and tells Matt to not make that mistake, to think about what he said, come in and then Coach will bring him home.

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Friday Night Lights




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