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He quietly wheels behind Lyla and tosses off a joke, "You can find Clay Aiken under 'A'." Lyla gets a slow, flirty smile, and responds "Like he's not your boyfriend." Jason reminds her "Hey, America loves him and so do I." What an awesome line. I wish I had written it. Lyla wants an invitation to the wedding, but Jason tells her that "It's just going to be me, Clay...and...a harpist." He looks pleased with himself and then continues, joking that Ryan Seacrest is going to perform the ceremony. Jason wheels himself around so he's facing Lyla, she turns toward him and cutely cutes, "Hi" and the two just stand there looking at one another, sparks practically bouncing off both of their hot asses. Two girls call out from the background that Lyla needs to come with them or they'll miss class. I love this early morning trip to the record shop. Jason says she needs to go, and Lyla responds, "Unless I don't." Meanwhile, Spoon's "I Turn My Camera On" starts up in the background. Oooh, the hated Britt Daniel. Such an Austin jerk, such good pop songs. Cut to a close-up on Minka Kelly's face as she sexes, "I know we have a lot to talk about..." Her delivery of the line is so, so good, all urge and knowingness and want, and for the moment we all forget all about her Rehab Perkiness. Jason quickly responds that they should "go somewhere."

Quick cut to Jason and Lyla in Jason's house. She's on his lap, he's peeling her shirt off. They're laughing and giggling together; Lyla asks how they're supposed to do this, Jason says he doesn't know. Lyla tries straddling him, then suggests "what if I put my leg here" and hoists her boot-clad leg up on his shoulder. They laugh and paw at one another, and are totally both in this moment together, and the whole scene is just perfect. Jason tells Lyla to hold on, he's got an idea. She gets off his lap and he manhandles his legs outside the wheelchair and then hoists himself onto the ground, where he lands with an awkward and violent thump. He laughs, somewhat maniacally, Lyla looks on with some concern, and their disparate reactions hint that this scene is not going to end all that well. He tells her to stop gawking and get down there with him, which she does, but you can see in her eyes that all is not well. She utters the dreaded "It's okay, it's okay" and leans in to kiss him. Jason is crestfallen, asks her to stop, "Lyla, stop, I can't feel anything." Oof.

Uninspiring credits. Matt's at the sink, doing dishes, the phone cradled on his shoulder. He's talking to some "ma'am" worrying about a Medicare bill he's received having to do with his Grandmother. Meanwhile, Grandma talks to Matt like he's not on the phone, telling him to get his dad to help him fix a faucet. Matt, annoyed, reminds her that his dad's in Iraq. She keeps talking, in her senile, automaton way, but something about how she says "Go help your father with his bags" strikes Matt as unusual, and he goes to the front door. Outside, he pauses, his mouth hangs open as he sees his father getting out of a taxicab. He calls out "Dad?!" like the cutest little boy in the world and then runs across the street and practically tackles his father in a big bear hug.

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Friday Night Lights




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