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Cut over to a dive bar/BBQ joint where Herc and Jason sit watching some football. Herc is busy shouting weird man stuff at the game on the television until Jason sort of blurts out, "How do I have sex?" Herc teases Jason that "my boy is growin' up" but Jason is serious, and just says he needs some information after "a mishap." Herc wonders if he was alone or with a girl, and Jason says the latter. He clarifies, with some embarrassment, "I was having trouble...staying at attention." Herc first tells Jason he's proud of him and then asks, "Where'd you find her?" like Jason will respond that he found her out back of the Big Boy or something. When it becomes clear that it was Lyla, Herc goes nuts, "Nooo! Booo!" and then, "Of course your ding-dong went soft! It was tryin' to protect ya!" Herc keeps at it until Jason tells him how unhelpful he's being. Herc says he knows what Jason was doing, "You wanted to grab her and do her. You wanted to bang the bejeezus outta her," to make her forget about Riggins. Jason has to admit that, yes, this was exactly what he wanted to do. I have a feeling Lyla's hot fuck-me boots had a little something to do with it, too. Herc tells Jason that it's not going to happen, at least not for a while, that Jason is "like a newborn baby, you don't know how to do anything." He tells the ParaNewbie that he needs to figure out what turns him on because what worked before might not anymore. Jason wants to know if he'll ever "be able know." Herc: "You mean fireworks? Super, happy, fun time?" Luckily the Jason Street Bad News Train stops here as Herc assures him he will. The train sort of lurches forward a bit, though, when Herc qualifies, "Just maybe not every time." Herc finally adopts a sensitive tone as he tells Jason that nothing is the same anymore, and that there's more to life than just "hit it and quit it." Well, now, I guess Herc didn't see Lyla in those boots, then.

School library. Tami approaches Landry, who looks at her with suspicion, and rightly so. Because Tami's brought Tim Riggins with her. Tami steamrolls Landry, telling him that Tim is looking for an English tutor, talking over any of his objections and then leaving them be.

Out on the football field, Matt keeps his eye on the sidelines as he practices, because his father has come to watch. Coach notices Matt wanting to impress his father, and makes sure to tell him that he's doing a nice job. Meanwhile, Anonymous Assistant Coach (seriously, can anybody keep these portly men in blue straight?) walks up to Taylor and asks if he's seen the latest issue of Texas Football, where apparently Coach Taylor has been named one of the ten best high school football coaches in the state. Coach is modest, doesn't want to talk about it, but the assistant coaches murmur about putting this info on t-shirts, the radio, et cetera. Coach calls a three-minute break to get away from their clucking.

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Friday Night Lights




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