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Landry and Tim are at the Alamo Freeze. Landry is pasting up more flyers for his show that weekend and blithering on about Tim's journey into English literature. He asks Tim what he thinks about his band's name, and then says he originally wanted "Stigmatalingus" but got outvoted. Tim, typically laconic, says, "They're both crap, Landry." Landry pushes Of Mice and Men toward Tim and tells him that it's only a hundred pages, so he can breeze through it. Tim pushes the book back toward Landry, who sort of gasps and says "Oh my god. You can't read can you? You're one of those kids that just slipped through the cracks." Love it. Landry clearly watches a lot of television. Tim tells Landry that he can read, but that he just chooses not to.

Over at the Saracen household, Matt puts a plate with a steak, baked potato, and some soggy-looking broccoli in front of his father. "You still like it almost burnt?" Ah, Texans. Surrounded by delicious beef which they choose to burn all the flavor out of. Grandma is tapping her fork on her plate somewhat jarringly. Henry grabs her hand and tells her to relax. He then turns to his son and talks about his mother like she's not there, "Why is she so nervous?" Matt tells his dad that this is why they need some home care for her. Matt asks his dad what Iraq is like, and he answers via talking points: doing a lot of good, building schools, et cetera. Matt asks when he'll come home for good, and his father responds that they need to stay until "those people have a stable government." Matt tries another approach, asking his dad what he thinks about people in the U.S. who want to get out of Iraq, but his father is totally committed to the cause. Matt stutters that he "wasn't sayin' anything" -- presumably, meaning he wasn't venturing an opinion not vetted by his authoritarian father -- "it's just that...that I like it when you are home." Tears!

Tami walks down the driveway as a car catches her in its headlights and honks at her. Coach hops out of the car, saying "I gotcha!" as Tami goes to drag the garbage can out to the curb. They do their Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant talking over one another thing as Coach tries to grab the garbage can and Tami fights him, saying she's not going to let him drag it the last bit and then "take all the credit." Heh. To the single folks out there: yes, marriage is about tallying up credits on a daily basis. Finally, their squabbling leads to the garbage tipping over, and loose garbage spilling everywhere. Why they haven't heard of Hefty Bags in Dillon, I don't know. Coach laughs and then kisses his exasperated wife.

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Friday Night Lights




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