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Commercials. Henry walks into Matt's room and offers his son a tie that "mom gave me about a hundred years ago." I'm still totally unclear on what the deal with Matt's mom could be. Matt fiddles with the tie as his dad drops a bomb, telling Matt that his Aunt Peg in Oklahoma said he could go live with her there. Matt is annoyed and tells his dad that he can just keep living there, taking care of Grandma, like he has been doing. His dad says he found a home for Grandma. Matt inarticulately stutters about her not even knowing anyone there and when his dad approaches him to help him with the tie, Matt shrugs him off and leaves the room.

Church dinner. Praying, football, barbecue. Coach Taylor sits down next to Riggins, who is in the most perfectly ugly jacket, shirt, and tie combination. No Ben Sherman on this show! Coach sort of quietly asks Riggins "I don't give you the impression that I only think of you as a football player do I? I bring this up because as usual my wife is always right." Heh. Coach continues, telling Riggins that he's going to be keeping an eye on Riggins's midterm grades. He tells him in no uncertain terms, "No pass. No play."

Over in the buffet line, Julie asks Matt where his dad is. Matt stutters around about his dad having had something come up, but when Julie keeps pushing, he snaps at her. She asks if he's okay, and he tells her no, and that her picking on him doesn't make anything better. Julie is chastened and walks away from him. Tami sees it all go down. Cut to Matt, later that night, in his untucked white dress shirt, throwing footballs at his rigged-up tire, sounds of a cheering crowd fading into the background.

Cut to the game on Friday night, where Matt is just making a mess of things, missing open receivers, making bad pitches, all to the horrible tune of Audioslave. Smash is picking up the slack though, and the Panthers are very much in the game. The Panthers steal back the ball after a block, Matt goes in and...makes a mess of it, overthrowing Smash big-time in the end zone. Coach finally pulls him and puts in the QB2, Weston, telling Matt "it's not your night, son." Matt's dad walks away from the field when his son is taken out. The QB2 gets the job done and the Panthers win, all while Matt looks on with heartbreak in his eyes.

The crowd -- everyone in blue shirts -- meanders out of the stadium joyfully. Matt meanders out mournfully. His father takes a stab at reassuring him, telling him that he'll get 'em next time. Matt mutters, "You're sending me to Oklahoma." His father callously says "You can play football anywhere." Matt turns away from him and tells his father to go to hell. His father says, "What?" And Matt says it again, "Go to hell, dad!" In front of the crowds leaving, Matt tells his father to go back to Iraq. Henry acts like he's five years old, retorting, "Really? You callin' me all the time?" and then makes fun of his son feeling overwhelmed about not knowing how to take care of a senile old woman. Real nice, pops. Julie and Tami have rolled up in time to see this familial meltdown, and Matt and Henry start literally screaming at each other about who's got it harder. Henry tries to grab Matt and force him in the truck, but Matt refuses. He calls out to his dad to let him know when he goes back to Iraq. When Henry condescendingly asks where Matt's going to go, Matt says he doesn't know. Julie goes to Matt and puts her arm around him, pulling him away from his father.

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Friday Night Lights




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