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Hard Habits to Break

Over in the land of familial love and protection, Coach Taylor fusses around wiping dirt specks off of Julie's car as she sits in it preparing to leave to go back to school. He leans in and kisses her, and she drives off. We go with her as she drives, her face looking somewhat bereft as she comes to a stop, gazes straight at a brick-encased mailbox in front of her and then accelerates her car straight into it, setting off the airbags and alarm. She gets out of the car and sits on the curb, head in hands.

Credits. Morning at the Taylor's. Julie and Gracie sit at the breakfast bar while Tami putzes in the kitchen. Julie tells her mom that she doesn't need to bring Julie back to school, she can wait until the car is fixed to go back. She swears she isn't missing anything at school. Not missing anything other than the Queen of the Haaaarpies shrieking at Julie rather than leaving her shit-for-brains husband Head T.A. Derek Bishop. What Julie wasn't counting on is that her mom is PSYCHED to drive her back to school because that means at least a few hours with her daughter which MUST mean at least 15 minutes of communication with the girl, right? Coach comes in and dads around about mechanics and estimates. Julie quietly apologizes about the car, and how "the dog just ran out in the middle of the road," and both parents rush to reassure her that it is more than alright, they are just happy that she wasn't hurt, accidents happen. And, they don't realize it, but they are doing the best thing they can do: take their daughter at her word, so that hopefully (as long as she is not psychotic) she feels even more guilty about the whole thing.

Vince counts money while Jess runs through potential solutions to the problem: ask his dad to talk to Kenard ("they used to run together")? No, Vince doesn't want his dad, who is on parole, to end up back in jail. Talk to Coach? No. That would require way too much explaining. Meanwhile, Vince has been popping around his apartment grabbing money from the closet and such. Jess wonders if he's ever heard of a bank. He wisely notes that banks aren't always open when you need them to be.

Coach is in his office, on the phone with the mechanic. Luke comes in and tells Coach that Vince told him about getting recruited by TMU, as well as that Coach instructed Vince to keep that info away from Luke. "Is that true?" Coach rubs his tired face and says that it is true. He asks Luke to sit down, the kid refuses. Luke asks him to tell him straight what's going on. Coach leans back in his chair and does as requested: "They don't want you, they want Vince. They knew you were friends, they went through you to get to him." Luke pshaws and says he's pretty sure that they want both of them. Aw, sweet boy. Coach apologizes and says that he should have been looking out for Luke better. The realization starts to wash over Luke's face. Coach tells him that he's a hell of an athlete and will have a lot more opportunities. Luke leaves his office.

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Friday Night Lights




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