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Hard Habits to Break

Vince hands Kenard and envelope full of money, which only enrages him further because it isn't the full amount. Kenard starts giving him the business but Vince reverts a tiny bit, just like Kenard said he would. Vince slams him up against the wall and tells him that he has a lot of people watching his back. He'll get him the rest of the money soon.

Coach stands on the back patio staring blankly into space. Tami comes out and asks what he's doing and he says "Just finishing up with some things." Heh. Tami tells him that he's hiding and she doesn't blame him, it's pretty strange in the house right now. Coach wonders what they know about this guy and Tami says that all they know is that since she's running away from him, it doesn't seem much like true love. Coach rubs his head, disbelieving that their daughter slept with another woman's husband. Tami says it's like Julie doesn't even understand her own actions right now. Coach suggests "a good kick in the ass" and Tami quietly says that's probably what she does need. Coach-- his hair incredulous and heartbroken-- stage whispers that he doesn't know that girl but Tami doesn't let him indulge in histrionics. She says that they do know her, it's their daughter, and she needs her parents. Long shot of the Taylors standing on their small little patio, their completely unassuming ranch house behind them, begging viewers to understand the serious stories going on inside every single one of these silent facades every day.

Commercials. Morning at the Taylors. Coach is in Man Plan mode. "Here's what we're gonna do" he declares. The car will get fixed, he'll pay, Julie will pay him back, when that car arrives this afternoon, she's getting in it and going back to school. Julie just sort of quietly says "K" and Coach leaves for the day.

Vince, Hastings, Luke, Tinker, and another kid are in the bleachers talking shop. Vince is going over some plays with Hastings; Luke translates, but as far as I'm concerned might as well be translating Swahili into Icelandic. Vince nods as Luke instructs Hastings and then jokes that he just did alright, maybe he should be QB1. Luke isn't joking, and says that, yeah, maybe he should, that way he'd have TMU all over his ass. Vince doesn't get the hostility, he points out that Luke is the one that brought HIM to TMU. Luke lashes out about Vince stealing his scholarship, then stands up and takes his brown lunch bag and Doritos with him. Good to see he isn't so mad as to forget about his Doritos!

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Friday Night Lights




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