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Hard Habits to Break

Vince walks up to the Taylors' house, bites his nails, goes up to the door, and then ultimately realizes that this is not a problem he can bring to Coach. Cut to his father's house, where Ornette tells his son that he was right to come to him. Ornette sighs that they don't have enough time to raise the money, but quickly assures his son that he did the right thing, getting the money to send his mother to rehab. Ornette gets up and bitches to himself about Kenard, former little corner kid, who now has a gun, a little rep, and now thinks he should record a rap album. Kids these days. "You smoke?" Ornette asks his son and Vince says no. "That's good, it's a nasty habit." Ornette tells his son that he's going to take care of it. Vince tells him that he doesn't want him messing up his parole, and his dad spins a yarn about how he's going to call in some favors and raise the money to pay Kenard off. But we all know that's not what he's going to do. And I guess here, Vince's big "I'll take care of it" with Jess pays off a bit. Because here is a man who really is going to take care of it, but there isn't really going to be anything admirable about it. Ornette lights his cigarette -- he can't stop the nasty habits he has, but he hopes he can stop passing them on to his son -- and tells Vince that it's taken care of.

Commercials. Luke wakes up with a headache, takes one look at the TMU poster on his wall, tears it off, brings it into the bathroom, throws it in the toilet and pisses on it. Now that's heart!!!

At the Taylors, it hasn't quite escalated yet, but Julie tells her mom that she's not going back to school. Coach comes in and declares that the car is packed, and all the while Julie prattles on about how she isn't going and she needs to figure out her plan and maybe a different college? Community college? Texas Tech? Tami tells her "No, no" and Coach leans in with an affectionate kiss on the top of her head, puts his arm around her and starts leading her toward the door. But as they head into the hallway, Julie starts shrieking and grabbing onto the walls and refusing to go and then Tami in the background is shouting "ERIC!!!" and Julie breaks free and her father yells in a voice that, swear to God we have not ever heard him use with Julie, is frightening in that very dad sort of way, "GET IN THE CAR." But Julie has slammed the door to her room, and Coach paces around the living room in front of Tami, his hair completely and totally appalled at his daughter, at himself, at the whole damn situation. And damn if, while watching Coach pace around, you don't feel in your very bones both the desire to PHYSICALLY MAKE someone do what you want them to do and the shame of how wrong it is to do it that way.

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Friday Night Lights




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