Friday Night Lights

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Hard Habits to Break

Lions locker room. The kids warm up and jitter quietly. The coaches talk quietly together. Coach Spivey notes that he's never seen Eric leave practice before, let alone be late to a game. Crowley says that if Coach said he'll be there, he'll be there.

Back at the Taylor's, Tami tells Coach that he's got a game to go to. He just keeps standing and staring, his hair a series of ????

Back in the locker room, Billy mutters that they've got just 10 minutes to kick-off, they have to do something. So Crowley tells him to "take 'em out." Billy is nervous. And let's just take a minute to remember that precious "inspirational" talk Billy gave the players on his first day coaching. Because he's about to shut all our snickering up. He starts by acknowledging that he's not Coach, but this is just what they get. Then he raises his volume, about how this is THEIR house, and the guys in the other locker room are coming there ready to have a party in THEIR house, and he says that they're not going to let them. They're going to go out there and play LION FOOTBALL -- the boys shout -- and they'll leave it all on the field tonight. Billy doesn't realize it, but Coach has appeared behind him. "So you cinch up your laces, and make sure that helmet's on good and tight, and you hurt the first son of a bitch you see tonight." The boys all shout and Billy turns around to see Coach, who tells him "Good job." He quietly tells his players that he apologizes for being late, and now let's go play some football. Cut to them marching out onto the field, led by a hatless Coach -- and it can't just be me, but his hair is just FEELING TOO MUCH today to be silenced by a hat. Coach's hair is tired but full of faith, that his boys will play well, that he will learn from what just happened and become a better father, that Julie will come back to him. He turns to his players and asks them to listen to the crowd. "This is it, right here, right now. Who you are on that field is who you're gonna be for the rest of your life. Let's go show 'em some pride."

Showing a different kind of pride, and a different sort of "who you are for the rest of your life" is Ornette, who has conveniently arranged to meet Kenard out back of the football game. He nervily tells Kenard that he doesn't have the money. Kenard gets mouthy, about his boy and about "that high yellow bitch he knocking off" and then shows Ornette the gun he's got on his side. Ornette just keeps calmly smoking his cigarette. That is, until he stops being calm, cocks back and punches Kenard hard. Kenard goes down, Ornette grabs his gun and tells him that he's been in prison a long time, "Think I'm scared of you?" Ornette kicks and kicks and then spits on him. He kneels down and puts the gun to his head. "You ever mess with me and mine again, I'm gonna put you down." Kenard, spitting blood, tells Ornette that they're straight now. The crowd cheers in the background, for a different type of male violence.

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Friday Night Lights




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