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Julie and Landry are helping Tyra campaign for Student Council President. Tyra notices Landry trying to disperse a big guffawing crowd down the way and goes over to check it out. He tries to shoo her away, too, but she makes him move away from what he's standing in front of: one of her campaign posters has been scribbled on, her face getting the ever-imaginative "devil horns" treatment, and a "For a good time call..." bit across her shoulder. This is all pretty corny, and even more so because I continue to be totally unable to believe that Tyra is a high school girl.

Tyra takes the poster to ASSistant Principal Clint, who asks her what she wants him to do about it. She complains that her competition -- Jenny Warwick-- has been campaigning for three weeks, and she thinks she needs an even footing. ASS. P. Clint tells her that she has to suck it up and deal with it. Which, actually, is true; but Tyra looks at the man like he just attempted to sexually assault her. Nooooo!

Matt talks with a lawyer with a heart of flint. Matt asks, What does "non compus mentis" mean? Lawyer Jack: "That's a legal term for when you lose it." The lawyer suggests that Matt become his grandma's guardian; Matt points out that he's seventeen and that, actually, Grandma is HIS guardian. The lawyer basically ignores him and tells Matt that he can become an emancipated minor; that would allow him to become Grandma's guardian. Matt pleadingly says he doesn't want to be in control of all of that, but when the lawyer says the other option is to put Grandma in a home, Matt shakes his head no and takes the paperwork to become emancipated.

Commercials. Back on the field, Smash practices with Tim and whines like a little baby when Tim tackles him, and then storms off the field.

Matt and Grandma are at Applebee's. Matt is telling his grandmother that she has to take her pills; Grandma insists that they dry out her face, "make me look like a mummy." Matt retorts by asking if she knows what her face'll look like when she has a stroke. Grandma insists she won't have a stroke because she doesn't even know anyone who's had a stroke. He keeps insisting until she snaps at him, and he walks outside to cool off. He reels around the back of the restaurant and finds some cardboard boxes to kick. While he's wailing away on those, Julie comes out the back door. Wheeee! Matt looks embarrassed. They meet cute and awkward for a while and it doesn't matter what they're talking about (Matt filling Julie in on the Grandma situation; Julie telling him about trying to save up to buy a car) because they are standing so adorably far from each other, Matt Saracen doing that thing he does with the hangdog face, and hanging-down arms, barely enunciating the words that he's saying. Julie cracks a joke about Grandma having busted into the kitchen demanding the cooks make her chocolate pudding and Matt almost turns on his heel to go save the day again when she tells him it's a joke. A "rude" joke, she acknowledges. But Matt cracks into a grin, and we are on our way back into Coach Taylor's hair, everybody!

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Friday Night Lights




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