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Commercials. Student Council election Town Hall Meeting. Tracy Flick has the gymnasium floor, looking toward the Promise of the New Dawn, and how everyone then will wear skirts of demure length and headbands. Bo-ring! Now it's Tyra's turn. She takes the microphone in her half-shirt, denim miniskirt, and cowboy boots. Someone asks a question about how students are concerned about her lack of experience; Tyra replies by acting dumb -- "Wow, that was a long question, I barely 'member half of it" -- and then telling it straight, saying that everyone needs to realize that the whole election comes down to who they want to plan the prom. "I can tell you right now that no one is gettin' laid if they let Jenny here have the prom in the gym." Standing ovation. Tami Taylor is in the stands, completely confused by Bratz-doll-style feminism.

Nice cut from the wildly-cheering sex-crazed student voting body to the wildly-cheering Dillon Panther football fans in the stands. The Panthers take another commanding victory this Friday, and then we quickly leave the field for Applebee's. Yay! Except not for Tami, who is getting totally ignored by everyone in the place. Some guy comes over to the Taylors' table to twist Coach's arm about putting McCoy in soon and doesn't even look at her. Tami remarks again on this "craziness" but all Coach does is marvel at Applebee's changed menu. Finally, Tami asks him directly to "weigh in" on the situation. Without any crying babies or pictures of melting cheese to distract him, Coach finally tells his wife that he doesn't want to weigh in, because he doesn't want to tell her -- who he "loves and believes in, 100 percent" -- that her first decision as Principal was "questionable." Tami thinks that a message needs to be sent to the Boosters that if they want their football program to flourish, they have to give a "teeny-tiny" bit to academics. Coach points out that there's a big difference between "teeny-tiny" and "Jumbotron." Tami is out there blowing in the wind.

Grandma Saracen is looking everywhere for that new episode of Cagney & Lacey even though Matt, who's warming her some milk, keeps telling her that the show hasn't been on for, oh, a few decades. Grandma resigns herself to one of "these other shows" and Matt brings her the milk. Grandma, rocking in her recliner, talks to her beloved grandson, telling him that he was just such a sweet, sweet baby. "But here you are now, all grown up, takin' care of everything." Oh. Oh, dear. Grandma, rocking chair, house dress, heartbreaking circle of life. Tears. She reaches out to Matt and tells him that she doesn't know what she'd do without him, and that she loves him. He kneels beside her and she starts to cry. She looks straight at him and tells him that he is such a good boy. Without missing one bratty teenaged beat, Matt responds so naturally, "Well, that's because I was raised by you." Her eyes clear for a minute and she says "Thank you, thank you." And I wail into the night.

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Friday Night Lights




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