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Tim mops up the floor at Buddy's when Tyra comes in. She tells him that she can't imagine how much he had to love Billy to do what he did for him. "Just make sure you're ready to lose him." Billy always believed in Tim, even when most people didn't. He listens to her quietly but doesn't say anything and she turns to leave. Cut outside, where Tim goes after her. He says her name, and then reaches out and cups her neck with his hand. She looks at him, knowing they probably shouldn't do this, but totally committed to doing this anyway. "Don't go" he says, "Please don't go." And then they start making out. And it's like so fascinating, because it has such a different feel from when they were together as high schoolers and Tyra was obviously this girl who thought of herself as trash and Tim was just in a hot-boy beer haze all the time and now they are like not nobel laureates or anything but they are like people with life and experience in their back pocket and that makes their making out EVEN HOTTER (even though it was pretty hot when they would go at it in the storeroom or whatever, remember that one time? With Tyra and her boots and short skirt all hitched up?).

Coach comes home, his hair a mix of triumph and defeat, like it's saying "I'm the king of this world I don't really believe in." He sits down and tells Tami, who is up on the coach under a blanket, that "it's not the Lions." She tells him that she knows, she heard, and she apologizes. Then he exhaustedly tells her that they want him to coach the new team -- "What new team?" Tami asks -- and he explains the super team to her, all "poor me" about it. She leans forward and lays it down for him: "I'm gonna say to you, what you haven't had the grace to say to me. Congratulations, Eric." Then she takes her boots and walks out of the house. This story line is giving me whatever the present form of PTSD is. Current Traumatic Stress Disorder? It's making me all palpitate-y, I do not LIKE it when they fight for real like this.

Commercials. As if someone heard me crying out in the wilderness with sadness about Coach and Tami, we open on Tyra and Tim, all bare limbs and languidness in his Airstream the morning after. Tyra tells him to wake up and take her out to his land. Bed your man, then go look at his land. This is some primal shit I can get into! The camera pulls back and we see Tyra lying on top of Tim kind of shaking him awake-- like she does in the very first scene she appears in. These last few episodes are really rewarding the long-time viewer with all these callbacks.

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