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Jess is in Coach's office when Vince comes in. Vince talks a bit about how it feels like everything they work for is disappearing. He asks, "What about you and me?" She thanks him for how hard he tried, and he apologizes to her for losing himself and acting like a jerk to her. She tells him that he's got some stuff in him that she loves, "but then you got some other stuff that comes out, and it hurts." Wow. I'm not even joking, I feel like that is wise. He goes over to her and asks if he can promise that that guy won't come back anymore. She tells him he's got two strikes against him already (that's right, they had a prehistory that we never really did hear anything about), and Vince cleverly answers "Jess, I was born with two strikes against me." She hugs him and looks like Jess and Vince are back together.

Tim and Tyra, bathed in some ridiculous light, lean against his truck and look out over his field. And please recall the scene when they broke up at the edge of a field like this, two kids certain that they weren't worth much and treating one another (and themselves) accordingly. Now Tyra just lets the landscape do its healing work and then turns to Tim and asks, "Alaska, Tim? Really?" He doesn't answer because he doesn't have to. He's never going to leave this place, and this is a wonderful thing.

Cut over to Grandma Saracen's slippered foot, tapping on the ground, and here is where I just about have a heartattack. The foot! The slippers! The floor that I always in my mind picture as linoleum, but which is actually carpeted, but I don't care because YOU GUYS THAT FOOT. So she sits in her rocker, a nurse sitting on the couch across from her, when there's a knock at the door. Matt comes in and she looks at him blankly for a minute. "Who is it?" He smiles and reminds her, "It's me, it's Matt" and then her brain catches up, "Matthew?!" He's got a big Christmas tree with him and Grandma starts shouting for joy. She's surprised and excited and she wants to know if he told his father that he was coming home. Matt pauses for a minute, reminded of his dead father that his Grandmother, in her fog, has been able to reanimate, and then he kindly just tells her that he didn't tell anyone he was home, she's the only one who knows. She grasps his cheek, and then hugs him, putting her head on his shoulder like a child does to its parent. And then I just die.

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Friday Night Lights




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