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Mindy gets her belly lubed up to get a glimpse of the baby. Nacho Riggins gets excited and gives her a kiss, but just about then, the sonographer is like hold up a minute. Which is, like, NOT what you want to hear in this situation. She moves the wand around and tells them "Oh! Congratulations! You're having twins!" Billy stands up and shouts in excitement, while Mindy's jaw just drops, unable to be quite as enthusiastic. Because, damn, twins is a tough prospect. Tougher pregnancy, tougher delivery, complete and utter batshit insanity for like four years afterward.

Tami comes into Coach's office and he's surprised to see her. But she just couldn't wait to talk to him any longer. I am so not believing that any married couple would be SO busy as to not be able to have a phone conversation, or a conversation before bed about Tami's potentially life-changing job offer. But let's let it slide. So, she tells her husband that she's been offered the position of Dean of Admissions. She clarifies that the plan is that they are replacing Dean Humorless with her. Which, again: no. If there is one place it is VERY DIFFICULT to get fired at, it is a university. So that guy would never be just "replaced" by Tami Taylor, no matter how much we want Tami Taylor to win at everything. Coach is stunned and Tami just quickly comes out and says it: "I'd like to do it." Coach is like, "Uh, that's in Philadelphia." Tami quietly nods and says "I know, I know." Coach: "That's a long commute." Tami: "Well, we'd have to move to Philadelphia." Coach: "....We live in Texas. Texas is where I work. Texas is where my job is." Tami quietly and rather serenely tells him that she knows all this, but this is a great opportunity and also an opportunity for them to think about how they make decisions for their family. Not to mention, the timing is good with the potentially imminent dissolution of the East Dillon football program. She just wants to talk about it. But Coach just punches the Emergency Eject button in his mind, "I don't want to talk about this, I can't talk about this." Tami looks straight at him, eyes watering a bit, and asks how many times they've moved before for his job. Coach just stares at her, total static misfiring "does not compute" synapses in his brain.

Credits. Tim Riggins is working at Buddy's bar when Billy walks in. Tim ignores him, until he can't any longer. Billy begs him to come home, Tim tells him that he's moving to Alaska to work the pipeline once his parole is up. Billy is like "You're gonna freeze your ass off!" and wonders if Tim saw a stupid infomercial that gave him this idea. Tim says that some guy came to talk to them in prison about the opportunities in Alaska. Billy sputters and spits about this prospect. "What are you gonna do with your land?" Tim says he's selling it. Billy, incredulous, "You're gonna sell your land and just leave Texas?" Tim, matter-of-fact (and breaking all of our hearts in the process -- I mean what is Texas without Tim Riggins?!): "Yes."

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