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Commercials. Tim and Tyra sit outside the bar drinking a beer, sitting on the picnic table. She tells him that Mindy is mad because she doesn't come home to see Stevie much (thus reminding us all that Mindy Riggins was originally Ole Sis, older sister of Tyra Collette). Tyra says she doesn't like coming home, but mentions that she'll probably be around a bunch once Mindy has the twins. Tim: "Twins?" Tyra is surprised that Billy didn't mention it and Tim clarifies that he hasn't been talking much to Billy. Tim gets up to clock back in and tells her that it was good seeing her, and thanks her for writing while he was in jail. She asks if Billy didn't come see him, and Tim, as he is about to go through the door back into the bar, tells her that Billy came to visit, "Took real good care of me." Long shot of Tyra "Legs" Collette sitting on the picnic bench. Seriously, her stems are like arachnid or something.

Mindy sits up in bed crying in the early morning. She sobs about how Stevie won't even know her because she'll be so knee deep in all this infant-toddler crap, and also they don't have any place for Stevie, so they'll "have to put him in the tent, then we'll have to live in the tent because we can't afford anything." I really like this "tent" theory. Billy tells her that no one is going to be living in a tent. They have a three-bedroom house. He tells her that he'll be coaching again next year (she's not so sure), he'll take care of her (she's more sure of this). He kisses her on the forehead and she settles down. Ah, Nacho!

Out on the practice field, Coach gives them good feedback on their practice and sends them off. Buddy shows up and tells the kids they look like State Champions. Buddy takes Coach aside and asks him if he's thought about what will happen if "things don't go our way." Coach stonewalls him, saying that he's assuming that things will go their way. Buddy is more realistic, and he tells Coach that what he thinks will happen is that they are going to take the best of the Panthers and the Lions and "create a Super Team." And he wants Coach to think about what they could do if they had the financial resources of Dillon behind them. Coach plays honorably dumb, "I think Mac would do a great job" -- Mac, his friend and apparently head coach of the Panthers. (Nobody ever did address what happened to J.D. McCoy and the McCoy machine over in West Dillon). But Buddy cuts to the chase, "Well, I don't think they're even going to consider Mac and I think you know that." Coach looks away, scratches his neck nervously, and leaves to go pick up Gracie.

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