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School Board meeting. Total chaos! This makes me never want to have anything to do with civic governance ever!! The chair gets everyone to quiet down so that one woman has the floor. She says her piece, about how the budget crisis is temporary, so they should support the team who needs the money, since the other team gets all it's funding from booster money. This gets everyone all riled up again, folks are standing on chairs, one lady is shouting about how most of the people on "this side of town" happen to own their houses. Oooh, burn. Everyone is yelling yelling yelling, the Lions side of the aisle (including all the assistant coaches, who are never as classy as Coach) start chanting "State! State! State! State!" lots of pointing and nonsense, while the kids who are there -- Vince, Jess, Hastings, Buddy, Jr. -- just look at one another in confusion over why these adults are acting such fools.

Commercials. Billy drives down the road while working out a script on a piece of paper held up to the steering wheel. Even dangerous driving is quaint in this town -- no texting? So he talks to himself out loud as he composes his speech: "Concerns about my financial future lead me to ask about my position in the football landscape next season." He drifts into the other lane for a moment and almost gets hit head on. He quickly rights the car and then we cut over to him in Coach's office reciting his little "football landscape" line. Coach's hair is like "Son, now did you work real hard on this composition here?" and then decides to answer Billy in his own language: "Football landscapes's a little blurry right now." Billy reminds him that he's got twins on the way and Coach tells him that he wishes he could be more definitive, but he can't right now. Billy backs out of his office.

Over at Buddy's, Luke sits down and orders a cheeseburger and a coke from Tim. Tim asks "Anything else?" and Luke asks right out whether Tim is in love with Becky. Tim is like "Are you serious?" and then tells him that no, he is not. He cares about her and has been there for her, but he's not in love with her. "Any other questions?" Luke pauses and when Tim asks "Are you sure" he comes out with it. Luke asks if he's ever heard of Warrenfield State. Tim says he has not and asks why. Luke explains that he's being recruited by them. Tim says congratulations, but Luke explains that even though he loves football more than anything, this school is not giving him that feeling. Tim sits down and offers some advice. "You're going to State right? Nothing is going to be bigger than that. Play it that way. Play it like it's the last time you're ever going to lace up. Then let it go. And move on. That's my advice." And that is damn good advice there. Let something be beautiful, and then let it be done.

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