The Wonder Years

by Daniel Manu January 23, 2009
The Peter Berg Interview

TWoP: At this early stage, do you have any thoughts on how your take will differ from the David Lynch, Alan Smithee and Sci Fi Channel versions?

PB: I think starting with tone. To me, the book had a tone that was, for lack of a better word, more muscular. It was a little dirtier, it was scarier, it was rougher, it was more intense, and I think that Lynch's film and the Sci Fi miniseries took a tack that was different. It wasn't any of those things as I remember the book being. There were so many different aspects of Herbert and his personality.... I will focus on -- again, for lack of a better word -- a rougher, more muscular version of Herbert's work. A more muscular interpretation.

TWoP: And I wonder if your version would be more naturalistic, more character-based, than the space operas that those other folks tried to make.

PB: I think so, but that doesn't mean that it will be smaller. You know, there's a scope to Dune, and certainly a Shakespearian quality to that family, that I don't pretend to ignore.

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