The Zach Gilford Interview

TWoP: How is it going back? Is it like going back to a family?
Gilford: Completely. So much of our crew is still here, and most of the people I work with are Aimee again, who I love -- It's funny, because we have this complete brother-sister relationship, and we're supposed to be love interests. But I just feel comfortable. It's like stepping back into it, no time has been lost, everything's pretty much the same. It's great, and it was really easy to step back into it. It's been a lot of fun coming back.

TWoP: And what else are you working on? Gilford: Right now, I've just got a few things. There's one movie that I did last fall, which is being finished up and cleaned up and hopefully getting out into theaters soon. I'm going down to Belize, actually, for a couple weeks with Outdoor Network to do this kind of fly fishing, bone fishing [special] in the Caribbean that's in conjunction with the cultivation effort to bring awareness to it. I'm pretty stoked. I'll be there with Tom Brokaw and Michael Keaton and a bunch of stars, so it'll be an eclectic, cool group of people that I'm hanging out with, and probably just embarrassing myself because I'm not an expert fisherman by any means at all, and those guys are.

TWoP: I want to wish you the best of luck, and I'm so glad that you're coming back for more episodes.
Gilford: Well, thanks so much, I'm excited to be back!

TWoP: And do I need my tissues for the episodes that you're in during Season Four?
Gilford: Well... have them just in case.

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