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Father Never Knows Best

Meatcentric party montage, lots of people out back eating and conversing. In the kitchen, Julie seasons a slab of ribs, her mom comes blowing inside and asks her to help put ice in the cooler just as Coach walks in. Without the ice he was supposed to get. Kyle Chandler's hair is totally hiding under that baseball cap, all "Who, me?" Julie wipes her fingers, "I know, I know, go buy the ice." Taylor apologizes for forgetting and then -- this is perfect-- holds up one tiny plastic shopping bag in Tami's general direction as she rushes out of the kitchen with the ribs and calls out, "Hey, I got cranberry juice and caramel apples!" Heh. Nice work, with the two totally useless but likely things a good-for-nothing man would bring home for a party.

As Julie pushes her way toward the front door, Matt tries to talk to her. Awkwardly, of course. With a little bit of stuttering. She doesn't have time for him and shuts the door behind her, pretty much in his face.

Party shots. Boss Hogg has two guys cornered by his fat head and jutting chin, talking, as usual, about Voodoo busting the season wide open. The two Winged Monkeys wonder to Buddy if Coach has decided to start Voodoo. The Wicked Witch of the Fat says he doesn't know, but that they should ask Taylor, who, as the camera pulls back, is picking up piles of paper plates with a dish rag over his shoulder. They ask, and Coach pushes through their little circle of boosterism and is clearly not taking it any longer, responding that he's decided to revolutionize the game by getting rid of the quarterback altogether. His eyes are dead serious as he talks to them, so they sort of get the idea that they need to leave him alone.

He leaves one sticky situation and gets right into another one as his wife is fully underneath a table mopping up beer. That got spilled. Under the table. Tami has barbecue sauce on her forehead, and when her husband suggests she help him host somewhere that isn't underneath a table, she starts speaking in clipped tones, "I think I might stay down here a while!" Behind them, the Oversexed Bad Haircut Real Estate Lady and BlondeBot toast to some man's "fine jaw line."

The teens are hatching their own plans, as Smash tells Reyes and Riggs that he got the address and license plate number of the Arnett Meade quarterback. They're really astonished that he got this information, which is stupid, because, duh, phone book. But Smash charmingly tells them that he's got his ways, and the boys all laugh in anticipatory glee for the shit they're gonna stir later that night.

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Friday Night Lights




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