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Father Never Knows Best

Back under the table, Coach Taylor is now also speaking in a clipped whisper, doing that fake apology married people thing, "Well I'm sorry that you're upset" which sets Tami off on the greatest diatribe ever known to woman where she tells her husband that she is doing it, she's thrown the party, with no notice, she's cleaning up after all his football pigs, she's doing it all, but she is not going to pretend to like it when they're underneath that table, that she is going to put on a big smile when she gets back up, "but underneath here, I. Am. Pissed." Taylor just sort of sputters and repeats what he said at first, "When you're done here, I'd love it if you'd help me host." God this scene is making me so Venus/Mars. This guy talking about "hosting" doesn't know the first thing 'bout hosting, talkin' 'bout mutter mutter mutter WOMEN POWER!!!!

Matt "Worst. Timing. Ever" Saracen approaches Taylor immediately after his marital tiff to ask if he knows who he's going to start. Taylor, who is taking some shit out on a roll of Saran Wrap but is happy to start taking some shit out on Saracen instead, turns to him and tells him he'll start who he needs to start, and that Saracen needs to actually play like a starter in practice and maybe he'll get his chance.

Coach wings off and then decides to take some more shit out on his wife and so leans in towards her -- who, let it be noted, is calmly cleaning things up still -- and tells her to take a deep breath and calm down before she says something she regrets. She's ready to get fired up, though, and she launches right back into their fight, "What, like what it's really like to be the wife of the Panther's coach? Like sometimes I hate it?" Before Coach can respond, a brick comes flying through the front window. This brick is wrapped in a piece of office paper that says "Die Panther Pigs." Couldn't something have been flaming in this scene? Also...this "Rivalry Week" plot is pretty lame.

Matt seems to be walking home from the Taylors when Smash screeches up in his beat-up sedan, which contains Riggs, Reyes, and some other guy. They tell Matt to get in, and he demurs. Riggs tells Matt to get in the damn car. Matt looks this way and that and finally agrees. Riggs gets out of the front seat to let Matt into the back and as he does so goes, "Niiice!" The car peels out down the street. I like it when these kids act like stupid kids.

The boys pull up to the Arnett Meade QB's house and take bats to his fancy Mustang. So I guess Dillon is "other side of the tracks"; the Odessa to Arnett Meade's richie rich Midland. The car alarm goes off, and they've done quite a bit of damage already, and so all the boys except Matt jump back in the car. Matt keeps hauling off on the car with his bat, even as the alarm sounds, the lights in the house turn on, and the QB comes running out of the house. He gets a good look at Matt, who pauses, and then hauls off and smashes the windshield with his bat before running to catch up to Smash, who's rolling off in the sedan. Matt dives in through the front window and the car peals out again, the boys whooping and yelling. Teen violence makes good TV!

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