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Later that night, Matt takes the garbage out back of the Alamo Freeze. The Arnett Meade QB -- proving that when forty-something coaches wear polo shirts, they're cute, but when 18-year-old boys do, they are evil incarnate -- demands that Matt confess who else was with him that night. Matt won't confess, going so far as to say he did it all himself, he was even driving the getaway car that he jumped into (sort of smiling inwardly at his own bravado when he says this one). He offers them each "a Swizzler" and takes the opportunity of them laughing at this suggestion to haul off and get at least one good punch in before the group of boys jump in and kick the living shit out of him.

Commercials. Coach is frantically changing into "civilian" clothes in his office when his phone rings. It's Saracen. We cut to the hospital where Coach Taylor checks him out. Saracen thanks him, and Taylor tells him not to get too excited, because they're both going to a dance recital. This kid cleaned up pretty good after that terribly brutal beat down; I was thinking broken ribs, what with the booted roid-rage the Arnett Mead boys were having all over his chest. In the car, Coach Taylor gets Saracen to confess that he was part of the "retaliation" and that he got beat up because the Arnett Mead kids wanted him to say who else was there. Coach asks him if he named names, and he says no, and that he won't name any names to him either. Taylor seems to respect that.

Like most teens, Matt likes to have his heart-to-hearts in moving vehicles, so he apologizes to Taylor for putting him on the spot about who he's starting next week. He says he feels like the whole town wants Voodoo to start. Taylor tells him that he believes in him, that he sees a huge change in him even the past two weeks -- Saracen's response, "You do?" -- and that he believes you can do anything you put your mind to. Aw. Not true, but, aw. They continue zooming off to the recital.

Darkened auditorium. Tami looks surprised when she sees Coach come in with Matt, and even more surprised that Matt is so beat up. She asks Coach what happened, and he just shrugs. Tami looks at her husband meaningfully, ready to concede that she does a little more than just tell kids where to run a ball. She tells Taylor that Julie hasn't gone on yet, and the camera peeks down to show us that they're holding hands.

Julie's group comes on the stage, dressed in flouncy little skirts, tank tops, thick footless tights, and jazz shoes. Their routine is SO CUTE I can barely stand it, and this whole set is -- as usual for this show -- perfectly art directed. The sort of non-formality of the whole thing, coupled with seriousness of purpose of the young performers, the dance instructor off in the wings, counting steps under her breath. Tami and Eric go wide-eyed at the little routine, which is the tiniest bit sexy, but totally appropriate. Julie is particularly cute, serious in the mouth until the very end when the routine ends with a little clap and she breaks into a laughing grin as the audience applauds. Matt sinks into his chair with an irrepressible grin himself because he looooves heeerrrr.

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