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Father Never Knows Best

Backstage, a variety of people enjoy punch. I wish I could be enjoying some punch right about now. Off to the side, Taylor is leaning in on his wife, apologizing. She cuts in, "I know. I mean, you gave me no advance warning..." and he's like "Not about that." He continues with a much more meaningful apology, telling her he knows her job is hard, that it really is hard to talk to these kids, and also that she does so much for their family and to put up with his job. Wow, this is like a model apology. Made even more awesome by the fact that at the end of it, he shakes her hand, asking "Friends?" and then starts making out with his wife with THE HOTNESS.

Over in the World of Sexual Dissatisfaction, Matt approaches Julie for the third time this episode. She finally acknowledges him, asking him what happened to his face. He brushes the question off, then tells her that "You were, that was, um..." Ah, yes, real teen speak. He continues, saying he thought the song was really cool and that it reminded him of a painter he really liked. Aw, < a href="">Samantha Jade reminds him of experimental painting. Julie does the "you're weird, but I kinda like it" thing and is like, "Uh, okay, which painter is it?" and Matt replies, "This guy, um, Jackson Pollack?" KILLING. ME. Julie smiles, totally falling for his weirdness, and tells him she doesn't see the connection. Matt, his face all bruised and messaged up, goofily says he guesses it is kind of a stretch. The two of them giggle at each other.

Meanwhile, Coach Taylor catches a glimpse of them in the crowd, and realizes what he's done. "Uh oh." Tami asks, "What? what?" Taylor rubs his face a bit and then confesses, "I think I told that boy to get our daughter in the back seat of a car." Everybody's somebody's daughter, pal. Julie runs over, with her little girl enthusiasm and "Mama! Daddy!" screams, and hugs her parents. Eric hugs her and tells her how proud he is while looking over her head at Matt Saracen, who seems to realize that the jig is up.

And that might be a natural place to end the episode except that it contains far too little brooding. And we know who our favorite friendly brooder is around here. Tim Riggins sits brooding in what is clearly a girl's room. Lyla walks down the hallway, into her room, and stops in her tracks when she sees him. He's in his Adonis for Hanes V-Neck t-shirt again. He gets up as she scolds him in a whisper. "What are you doing here? My father is right downstairs." (Right, your father the King of All Fat. I keep wondering how they're going to redeem Lyla when she comes from such evil stock.) Tim just moves in and says, "Lyla. I can't. Lyla. I can't," and he looks like he's about to cry. The camera pans down and she's limply holding a pile of laundry in her arms, which he reaches out and pulls out of her hands just as she goes into action, and it's make out time again. Except this time, the make out seems to make its way over to the bed. Who knew tragedy could get teens so hopped up?

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