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Father Never Knows Best

And we transition to the Taylor household, where Coach is pacing and listening to the interview. He shuts the stereo off, and Tami asks what he's pounding around about. He mutters about being worried about the Voodoo situation, that it "isn't right." Tami tells him to play Matt Saracen, but he demurs, telling her he can't because Matt "is self-destructing on the field." Julie walks in and asks if they are having some sort of party that weekend. Before she can explain, her father grabs her and hugs her, saying "C'mere monkey noodle." This whole family just makes me want to hug the world! C'mere world! Hugs for everybody! Julie says that Lois said they were having a party, and Lois never knows about anything. Tami sarcastically remarks that she is SURE they aren't having a football party as that would require "food, drink, lots of advance notice." Long story short, it's tradition that the team "and a few others" come over for dinner at the coach's house during Rivalry Week. No explanation why Coach Taylor wouldn't know about this tradition, since he would have been involved in previous years, seeing as how he was offensive coordinator, but whatevs. Julie looks on with a grin at her father in hot water with her mother, and her mother in hot water by virtue of the fact that she is the goddamned coach's wife.

Over at the House of Incredibly Intimate and Heartbreaking Detail, Saracen cleans up in the kitchen and asks his grandmother if she took her pills yesterday. She assures him she did, but he says he sees them sitting there on the table. She insists that he's mistaken, and when he asks if she'd mind taking her pills today in front of him, she cutely agrees, telling him to watch her face as she tosses them back with some orange juice. As Matt leaves for school, she tells him she was watching his game tape, and she knows his problem is his feet. That his feet are "slower'n molasses." She's in high spirits and trills out, "lemme see you!" and Matt gets a goofy half grin on as he does a little Flashdance in place for her. She loves it and looks up at her grandson with this wide-open joyful face as he leaves for school. See, now most shows would not bother to show you this moment, which doesn't really do anything except develop that it isn't always bad times in the Saracen house, but there is just something so delightful about this scene, about the fact that they took time to include this scene.

In the school hallway (handheld camera waay toned down from the last time we were in the hallway), Lyla grabs Tim and pulls him into an empty room. She starts right off, "I've been having these feelings. Like, flood of feelings." Profile shot of Tim saying, "Me, too." Oh lord, he's really sticking his neck out. She quickly cuts him off and urgently says, "For Jason!" and then explains that what happened the other night happened because she loves Jason. The camera pulls back and we see the two of them standing together, and they really don't look well-matched. Close back in on their profiles...Tim's hair is lank and greasy with desire and confusion. As Lyla goes on about how she doesn't feel anything for Tim, he replies with his standard, non-committal "Yeah." She continues, trying to manage him like he's a frosh cheerleader, instructing him that no one can ever know about what happened and that it will never happen again. Tim: "Yeah." She continues blabbing, "I hate myself for the other night. I just hope I don't go straight to hell."

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