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Father Never Knows Best

Tissues, uh, I mean "commercials." Next morning, Matt is out on the front steps on the phone. It's unclear who he's talking to, but I imagine it's a brother or uncle or something. Matt tells whoever it is on the other end of the line that "they say it's dementia." Unidentified JerkFace tells Matt to hold down the fort because he's got his hands full wherever he is. Which I think is probably Jerk Town, Jerkoslovakia. Matt, as usual, doesn't assert himself and says they'll be fine.

Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility. Jason sits watching motocross when Herc wheels himself in the room -- getting caught up on a variety of things because the room is too small and certainly not cutting-edge when it comes to accessibility -- and explains that he won't be there for long, that he just re-injured himself and needs a tune-up. Um, is that how it works? In-patient "tune ups"? Oh well, I guess they needed Jason to get thrown together with some kind of Inspirational Wheelchair guy. Herc informs Jason that he'll be there for a long time just as Tyra walks in. Herc makes the requisite, "She's hot" comments, at which she rolls her eyes. She is damn hot though, with her full cheeks. On her face! Her full cheeks on her face!

She shyly greets Jason and then launches right into her no-nonsense speech. She tells him she isn't there to keep up appearances, she knows they've never been close, but she just wanted to come to apologize for Tim. She explains that he wants to come, but is scared. Jason has his eyes fixed on the television as she talks, and keeps them there as he asks, "Oh, he's scared." She acknowledges that Tim sucks and then they go quiet for a moment. She breaks the silence and says "Jason, I'm really sorry. Something like this shouldn't happen to a good person like you." Her sincerity affects him and he looks up at her. She comes around the side of his wheelchair and kisses him on the cheek and then walks out. Herc wants to know "Who in the hell was that?!" Jason sort of smiles to himself, "That's Tyra." Beat. "Sparky."

Out on the field, Matt has not, in fact, cleared his head. Tim notices Lyla standing at the top of the bleachers in her cheerleading outfit. They run a play, Tim makes a nice block, then looks back up toward the bleachers, but Lyla's gone. His face through his helmet is sort of inscrutable. He seems...satisfied, or something.

The Taylor house. The doorbell rings and Tami calls out, "Let's go!" as she goes to answer it. About fifty people immediately flow into the house with lots of high-pitched, "Heeeyy y'all!!" echoing throughout. Tami shuts the door after them, grabs her daughter and urgently whispers to her to go to the market and buy all the steaks, all the ribs, all the barbecue sauce. Cute.

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