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Last week on Survivor: the tribes merged at equal numbers and named themselves Barramundi because they're slippery when wet and because Rodger looks like Bruce Springsteen who lives next door to Jon Bon Jovi at the Jersey shore. Keith won immunity and Jeff got chewed up and spit out after a deadlocked vote.

Peaceful music plays on Day 22. Colby sleeps in a hat with earflaps and his mouth wide open. Rodger and Alicia are up early. Rodger comments that it's a "sleeping bunch," and that Mike would have been up three hours before. He says every time he stokes the fire he thinks about "old Mike." Rodger then goes fishing and tells us that after the last Tribal Council he realized they'd been "outwitted" by Ogakor. He says, "We could be in an extinct tribe, no longer on the face of the earth." And as a metaphoric fish flops around he tells us, "I am in it to win just like anybody else," and that it's "one on one and every man for himself from here on out." He says he's going to try to keep catching fish because he doesn't think they'll vote off the person providing the food, as if that's a novel idea and not one Richard Hatch drilled into our heads repeatedly last season. As he catches another fish he hoots, "I love this fishin' hole!"

This episode seems stilted to me -- I have to get used to the new format, where we're not alternating between the two tribes.

Nick, hanging out on the beach, spots a crocodile and acts surprised. Maybe because it didn't roll off a log this time. Alicia tells us the game has definitely changed since the merge, and Nick tells Rodger that if he keeps catching the fish he'll be the last Kucha to go. We then cut to a shot of evil Jerri cackling, but it doesn't really look like she's in the same scene with them. Alicia tells us that Ogakor's in a good position to be in the last five, but since Kucha members will be the majority of the jury, they'd better "start steppin' up and bein' real nice to us." I guess fatalism is catching. Keith tells Rodger that he feels, when they're fishing together, like he's on a fishing trip with his older brother. Aw. If Rodger makes the final two, he's walking away with all nine of the jury votes. Plus, my vote and the billion other people who watch this show, except for the two forum posters who don't like him. I've got my eye on you two, by the way. Rodger tells us that everybody is "real nice," but he knows they're all plotting to win the million. Meanwhile Colby and Lamber play backgammon and Lamber says, "We are exactly where we wanna be," which means up Jerri's ass. Colby agrees that Ogakor "outplayed" Kucha, but the game's not over yet. Lamber says she feels like pressure has lifted and Colby agrees. Lamber then says "Jeez" over something backgammon-related.

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