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Some time later, she's riding in the back of a Fringe van while Lincoln Lee tells her that "the Lookers" have detected a spatial discontinuity. Is there a "Looker" in every episode over here? "Power density spikes reaching over 3000 milliwatts per square meter, and that's two-hundred meters away from the focal point," he says, which doesn't mean much to anyone watching, but apparently that's a Class 10 event. The power spikes are coming from the Liberty Island DOD complex, and Charlie and the evacuation team are en route.

They arrive at the ferry landing, and the air quality is normal so there's no need for oxygen masks, but as everyone piles out of the back of the van, Lee gets on his earpiece and sounds surprised as he explains to the person on the other end that they're still seeing dangerously high levels. Then he signs off, defeated, with this: "Understood, Mr. Secretary."

So Lee gets off the van and announces it's a false alarm and orders everyone to pack up. Naturally, Fauxlivia needs a little bit more explanation than that, especially since the energy surges are still happening. They look across the harbour at Liberty Island, as Lee says explanations are above his pay grade. "I think I know who to ask," snaps Fauxlivia. She think she all that just because Walternate's son is her babydaddy!

Meanwhile, Walternate and Brandonate are monitoring the goings-on, with Walternate pissed that there's been no measurable improvement. "Environmental degradation levels haven't changed since the device was activated," says Brandonate. This thing's going to fix the tears in the fabric? Does that mean you're also going to bring back to life all the people in amber?

Walternate seems to accept that reversing years of vortexes and reality-fabric-tears will take more than a few hours (seems like a solid hypothesis), but they don't discuss it too much because Walternate's assistant buzzes in to let him know that Fauxlivia's there to see him. Brandonate's dismissed, and he says hi to Fauxlivia as he leaves.

Walternate's quite happy to see Fauxlivia, although he's disappointed she didn't bring Henry, and his demeanor heads a little farther south when she tells him she's on duty at the moment: "Fringe Division identified a Class 10 energy surge emanating from this complex, which would normally justify evacuating a 10-mile radius around the epicentre," she points out, and Walternate, without explaining what they're doing, says there's no danger to the general public, because they've taken proper precautions. Can Walternate say anything without sounding sinister? Jesus, he's like Hannibal Lecter.

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