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Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy, Sir!

Back at Fauxlivia's house, she's rocking Henry to sleep and singing him a lullaby, and not one of those scary lullabies that involve babies falling out of trees but a proper lullaby about love. She puts him in his crib, and then makes a worried face, and then goes out into the living room, where Lincoln Lee is looking at a picture of the two of them, Fauxlivia holding a medal -- her first commendation, she says, but Lee doesn't need reminding because it was for dragging his ass out of a Class 4 vortex.

After a little more joshing, Lee gets serious and says she can't do this alone. He wants to come with her. "As much as I would love to have you watching my butt, I need you here," she says, and makes him promise to take Henry to her mother's if she doesn't come back tomorrow. "You really think Peter Bishop can stop this? That he can heal both worlds?" She's not sure but thinks that if anyone can change Walternate's mind, it will be his son. Lee says he'll see her when she gets back, and they hug, and Fauxlivia's on her way.

Brandonate's in his lab listening to a ball game in which A) the Dodgers are still playing in Brooklyn at Ebbets Field, and B), breaking MY heart, the Expos are still a team that exists. All of a sudden I'm rooting for Earth-2 to survive. Then Fauxlivia is suddenly there, shutting off the radio, surprising Brandonate, who calmly reminds her that this is a restricted area. Fauxlivia's got a gun that says otherwise, though, and she points it at him and asks him how Walternate brought Peter back from the other side 10 months ago.

He plays dumb, and she threatens to shoot him in the knee if he lies to her again. Next thing we know, she's marching him down the hall at gunpoint -- he says the watch commander patrols the area every five minutes, but she already knows it's every twelve. So he tries the standard "This is never going to work" routine. "The technology you want never made it out of the test phase because it breaks down the molecular cohesion of the person crossing over. The Secretary took a huge risk crossing over once," he says, adding that for some test subjects, the crossing was lethal.

She thanks him for his concern, and they're at the door now, so he uses his palm print to get into the lab where the crossing technology is kept. "This is not organized," he says, like he's stressed about his house being messy when company unexpectedly stops by.

All bluffs dispensed with, Brandon opens a case with a bunch of large metal and glass cylinders, and he tells her one will get her there and back. "If you make it to the other side, just stay there, because when the Secretary finds out you're a traitor..." he sneers, and then Fauxlivia knocks him out with the butt of her pistol, which he's kinda had coming. Smartly, she grabs two of the vials, and heads back out into the hall, only to find some guards on patrol. Fortunately they're guards of the slow-to-react and terrible-shot variety, giving Fauxlivia enough time to duck into an elevator that she takes down to the basement. The sentries aren't too far behind her, though, and as Fauxlivia doesn't exactly know where she's going, she quickly winds up in a dead end. She pulls out one of the cylinders, and starts twisting the top. Rods on the inside start glowing red, and there's some sort of noise that increases in volume and pitch as the guards approach -- and then it just shuts off. "Son of a bitch," says Fauxlivia, who really ought to have forced Brandonate to explain how to work it before she knocked him out. And now the guards are upon her.

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