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So as I said in the recaplet, I am coming to this show essentially cold; however, there are two mitigating factors at work. One, this episode did not turn out to be overly difficult to grasp, at least on what I imagine is a relative basis. And two, my good buddy and awesome writer and musician Kirk Hamilton was kind enough to give me a quick email rundown of the entire series to date, which not only got me ready but also convinced me that I should have been watching this show all along. Still, if I miss a nuance or two, please don't banish me to the alternate universe or anything. (Did I do that right?)

We start in Park Slope, which is helpfully clarified as being in Brooklyn, with a young heterosexual couple who are apparently going to a party full of close friends of the woman that the man has yet to meet. Since we will learn that these two are fairly serious about each other, I'm guessing that the reason for the delay in meeting her friends is that they live no closer than the Upper West Side. Also, we learn that they are headed to Apartment 7B, which given the episode title probably means they're not going to be particularly significant in the grand scheme of things. Unless they happen to fall through the floor into 6B, but what are the chances of that? They notice a woman emerge from the stairwell despite the fact that she's laden down with heavy bags, and naturally wonder if the elevator isn't working, but she assures them it is, and once they've gotten on, she adds, "Good luck." I don't think I'm alone when I say this would be enough at least to get me off the elevator, if not out of the borough entirely, but the two lovebirds give the woman's cryptic words nary a thought, while the woman, for her part, doesn't get out the door before she hears an ominous guttural sound coming from within, which, I suppose, she can take as validation of her choice to head Anywhere But Here. Outside, the doorman asks "Mrs. Marcelo" where she's heading, and upon hearing a hotel in Flatbush called the "Schrodinger" (oh, show. Oh, clever, clever show), asks her if she's leaving too. She tells him she hasn't slept in weeks and she can't take it anymore, and while "Jimmy" opines that it's not that bad, she firmly demurs, so he offers to hail her a cab...

...while upstairs, the couple has apparently survived the elevator ride without incident, and after the hostess greets them, the man thrusts a bottle in her face and asks, "California bubbly?" simultaneously placing himself into my Trying Too Hard and Dead To Me categories. Given the nature of this show, that second one could work out. The women send the dude out to the balcony, where many of the guests are apparently chillaxing, while they head into the kitchen to get drinks. What is not significant is all the discussion of relationship particulars, since we won't be seeing the couple past this scene; what is significant is that at some point the blender powers on of its own accord, prompting the hostess to complain that the stove did the same thing the day before. Well, if you'd stop with all the boring couples talk, your appliances wouldn't feel the need to editorialize. Also significant is when the guest takes a bite of a chicken skewer and immediately starts going into anaphylactic shock, like, I'm sorry for her but if you had that severe a peanut allergy wouldn't you be a LITTLE MORE DILIGENT (i.e., at all) about checking into what you stick in your mouth? Anyway, the woman manages to gasp that her medication is in her purse, so the male host rushes to get the new boyfriend, who had taken her purse and coat. He rushes to grab it...

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