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Amber Alert

...and sprinting up the stairs for the second time we've seen, so I guess the Fringe people stay in pretty good shape. They enter the apartment (the door is probably still broken from Peter's manly kick, and I'd imagine it doesn't regret a thing) and find that Mrs. Merchant is sitting in that same position, and Olivia reports to Peter that the alternate husband is already there. Well, duh, right? Mrs. Merchant tells Olivia to go away, but Olivia tells her that everything that's happening is because of her, and by the way, the specter she's seeing isn't her husband. Mrs. Merchant, reasonably enough, asks who, then, he is...

...while down on the street, Broyles gets the report that the device is in place. He orders all teams behind the perimeter, and frankly I'm not sure what they've been doing in front of it. Patronizing that street vendor on Walter's recommendation?

Upstairs, Olivia explains a bit about the alternate universe, but, probably wisely, she emphasizes the part where all the people on the balcony died because she and the alternate husband couldn't let go of each other, and that she can still fix the situation. Just then, Alterna-Derek calls to her, and she answers, at which point Peter reports the rather ominous news that he can now see Alterna-Derek as well. The rumbling around them intensifies...

...and down on the street, Broyles is chagrined to discover that he, too, can now see shimmering coming from the apartment. He calls for Olivia and Peter to get out of there, now...

...but for whatever reason (electrical interference?) they can't hear him, and Peter notes that the building can't take much more of this abuse. Walter notes rapid shifts in barometric pressure and the buildup of static electricity -- a vortex is coming into creation. He looks pained beyond measure, probably both at the vortex itself and the fact that they might have to amber-ify Olivia and Peter, and Broyles manfully takes the detonator from him as we head into the last commercial break.

When we return, Walter gives Broyles instructions on how to operate the detonator -- turn it on and pull out the pin. Broyles executes the first part, but before going through with the second he calls again to Peter and Olivia to get out of there immediately...

...while upstairs, Peter gives Mrs. Merchant a heartfelt speech about how she's already had a lifetime with the person she loves, which is something most people, including him, only dream of, so could she possibly let go and move on before they all get trapped in resin? Alterna-Derek unwittingly aids Peter's cause by telling Mrs. Merchant that he "and the girls" miss her, and of course we all remember her telling Olivia earlier that she and her Derek never had kids, so that's enough for Mrs. Merchant to believe the truth of what the Fringers are saying, and she tells Alterna-Derek that she's not his wife, at which point he fades away. I don't mean to step on a touching moment here, but in the alternate universe the situation with the two worlds is common knowledge, right? Given that, wouldn't explaining the situation to Alterna-Derek have been the superior approach? Anyway, down on the street, Walter and Broyles observe the shimmer disappear, and then their communication is reestablished, as Peter asks if everything's okay. Broyles can't bring himself to speak, instead gulping at how close a call this was as he turns the detonator off, which is another touch I really quite liked. Damn, are my friends who have watched this show from the beginning going to laugh at me.

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